Part 27 - Time

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Song Recommend: Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Joseph Vincent (cover)

"What? You just disturbing our precious time" I groaned.

I can hear they laughed from the other side.
"We just wanna know if both of you already there or not?"

"We're fine. This place just better to see in person" I smiled to Natashya.

"So, enjoy your vacation and tell Nat that she don't have to worry about us. We are taking a good care of the house and ourselves" Luke talked.

"Oh really? So, I want to make sure the house clean and tidy when I'm home" Natashya spoke up to the phone.

"Small matter" Luke giggled.

"Okay guys, see yaa" I ended the call.
"You ended the call so fast" Natashya chuckled.

"I don't want they disturb us because we only have few days here" I trailed my hands on her thighs.

"I know" she smiled.
"Oh yaa, I want you to turn off your phone and I will do the same thing too. I just don't want anyone disturb us" I looked at her with a hope she's understand.

"Anything for you,bebe" she held my side's face and kissed my lips sweetly. I smiled.

She pulled away from my lips while biting her lower lip. "I want to explore this place"
"Go ahead" I nodded.

Natashya got off from me and kiss my cheek. Then she went to the balcony. She took some pictures from her camera.

"Honey lips, you better take my pictures than there" I put my hands on my back head.

"What's special are you?" She smirked.
"I'm your fucking boyfriend" I giggled.
She rubbed her chin.

"Ermm nahhh" she shook her head then continued to take pictures of the scenery.

For sure, we are taking a good time together in Kenya. Beautiful place and the right place to stay alone with her.

We just spend at the room and had a talk about our relationships because only my bandmates and their girlfriends knew about our relationships.

Charles didn't knew it. I hope he don't mind like when Luke,Michael and Ashton had the girlfriends.

But for sure I can't take my eyes off her. Even we explored the Safari in the jeep, I knew my eyes always on her and not the wild animals out there.

We went to few places and explored it. We learned new things about Kenya and their people.

They're nice and we liked them.

Natashya's pov,

I saw Calum looked at me in these few days when we're in Kenya. I can see him from the corner of my eyes.

I just didn't want to see him because he ended up kiss me. I did like it when he kissed me because it felt like a heaven.

But just don't looked at me all the time. It made me love him more when he appreciates me.

So, after the long days we came back to our place and the worker already prepared the jacuzzi for us.

I smiled when I saw there's beautiful candles around it.

"I'm ready for it" I walked to the indoor toilet. I got a change into my favourite bikini that showed off my tattoos on my back,thigh and side's body.

I walked out from the indoor toilet and walked into the jacuzzi.

I sat in the jacuzzi and tight my hair into a messy bun.

I heard the footsteps behind me. I turned around to my back.

"Wanna join me huh?" I smirked.
"Yes" Calum got  into the jacuzzi with me.

I smiled and got off from the jacuzzi.
"Where are you going?" Calum asked.

"Just wait there" I took my camera and set on the table.
"Are you wanna making the sex tape?" Calum chuckled.

"When that I said we're making sex?" I looked at him with my serious face. His smile faded.

Poor Calum 😂

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