Doctor's Appointment

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"So, how is the mother-to-be?" The doctor asked Willow who was laying on the table. Doctor McStuffins rubs gel on her before grabbing the transducer.

"Alright, I guess. I can't complain yet, except for the constant kicking." Willow adds, looking up at the ceiling. The doctor smiles at her.

"Baby's movement is natural. It just means they don't have enough room. They're almost ready to get out. My kids were just the same." Doc said. Willow looked at her.

"It's not the babies. Harry kicks in his sleep." Willow confessed.

"Well that I can't fix." Doc jokes. "There they are." Willow looked at the screen to see her two babies.

"Now, you have reached the end where you should just lay down for the remainder of the time."

"I wish I could, but there's always something I have to fix. Plus, I have school and all, along with taking care of my cousins."

"Didn't you say your cousins stay with your father?"

"Yeah, but they are my responsibility."

"I'm sure your father won't mind watching over them." Doc assured.

"Yeah, yeah." The doctor looks to the other side of the room before looking back at Willow.

"Now, I'm not saying that it isn't alright to bring some to the appointments with you, but don't you think eight is a bit much?" Doctor McStuffins and Willow looked ahead to where not only Harry stood, but also Willow's father, Guinevere, Mal, Gil, Uma, Ben, and Evie. They've been there this entire time.

"I couldn't talk them out of it." Willow responses with a shrug. The rest of them nod in agreement.

"My babies too." Harry said with a shrug.

"I'm their grandfather. I have a right to be here." Arthur adds. Gwen wraps her arm into his.

"I'm the godmother!" Both Uma and Mal said in sync. They turned to look at each other with glares.

"Oh please, you don't have one maternal bone in your body, Uma."

"And you do, Mal?"

"Let's just calm down." Ben suggested, placing a hand on Mal's and Uma's shoulder. Gil grabs Ben's arm and pulls it off Uma.

"Don't tell Uma to calm down. She is calm!" Gil yelled. Everyone looked at him. Gil looks at them back. "What?"

"If you can't control yourselves, you have to leave the room." Doc informed them.

"Sorry..." Mal and Uma mutter, crossing their arms to their chest. Doc paused the screen for everyone to see both babies.

"Now, we're all done here. Take my advice, " Doc looks at the others. "...all of you. No stress for mama here. And hopefully the next time I see you is at the delivery room." She looks at the others again. "None of you can be in there during the delivery, of course."

"Yeah, I don't plan to watch to kids pushed out of her--" Uma was cut off by a hand covering her mouth. Gil, of course, which earned him an elbow in the gut.

"Yeah, just me and Willow and a handful of doctors." Harry smirked, that Willow scoffed at.

"Oh no, you're not. I don't want you anywhere near me during that time." Willow said as she was getting up with help. Harry gasped.

"What, why not?"

"Because this is your fault and I'll most likely be throwing anything I can get my hands on at you." Willow stated. Harry was about to retaliate but thought about it.

"Fair enough."

"So, Doctor. What is Willow having?" Evie asked for everyone thinking the same thing.


"NO!" Willow and Harry yell to stop the doctor from staying anything else. "No."

"Damn it!" Uma, Evie, and Mal said in sync.

"You'll find out at the party." Willow said trying to cheer them up. Everyone looked at her in confusion.

"What party?" Gil asks.

"Gender reveal party. Everyone's invited, well almost everyone." Harry said, remembering to not invite Lola or Aaron, though Willow doesn't know about Aaron yet. Evie squeaks and jumped in excitement.

"Oh, this is so exciting. You have to let me plan it. It'll be spectacular! We can have the guest dress up in the colors they think the babies are going to be. Blue, pink, or yellow."

"That's great, Evie. I trust you and give you total control." Willow said. Arthur stepped up and pulls out his wallet and a golden card.

"Here, buy what is necessary to make this party the best." Arthur hands Evie the credit card. "No limit."

"This is exciting." Evie mutters, looking at the card.

"Are you sure, Arthur?" Willow asks. A flash of hurt appeared on Arthur's face but he quickly hid it with a smile.

"Of course, these are my grandchildren we're talking about."

"If you say so. Can we go home now, I'm hungry." Willow said as she was the first to walk out of the room with the others following.


Who knows, you may find out what the genders are next chapter.

Do you prefer balloons, confetti, or smoke when they find out?

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