⚫Chapter 29⚫

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"You took forever. What were you guys talking about?" Elias asked me as soon as I exited the dining room.

"I'll tell you everything in a bit," I exclaimed. "After your packs meeting with Sebastián, I want you to meet me at my house at around 11 pm. Bring the gang too," I exclaimed.

I left a confused Elias as I speedily exited the castle. Once I arrived at our house, I immediately rushed into the first kitchen knowing they would all be there.

"Hey, uh some guy brought you your blood," Saphira exclaimed.

I stared at my blood supply on the table feeling very thirsty. "How did it go?" Nathan asked me.

"I asked Elias to bring his pack over at around 11 pm. Once they get here, I want us to talk. There's so much I have to tell you guys," I exclaimed before taking a seat.

"Um, I'm just going to..." Lucian said while stepping out of the kitchen. Saphira followed her mate as Blaike went into the basement leaving Nathan and me all alone.

Once I was finished, I cleaned up the little mess I had made and then sat back down in my seat.

"Be careful Leilani, I think Sebastián has a thing for you," Nathan said.

"Yeah, he's kinda creepy, but don't worry. I know what to do if things ever get out of control. You've taught me well," I said with a chuckle reminiscing the times when Nathan tried teaching me self defense, at nine years old.

After waiting anxiously for another thirty minutes, the clock finally struck eleven.

"Gather the others. I'll be waiting outside," I exclaimed to Nathan. I opened the door to see Elias and my friends making their way over towards me.

"Hey guys," I exclaimed.

"Hey girl," Neha responded.

"Whatever you have to say better be important. I'm tired," Violet yawned trying to keep her eyes open.

"Trust me, it's very important. You'll want to hear it."

After we all gathered together, my friends and I started searching for a more intimate place for us to talk.

"Is this a garden?" Jasper asked as we approached a trail of rocks leading to what seemed like a garden. "I assume so, let's go," I exclaimed.

"Woah, they're so much cooler at night," Indigo exclaimed in awe. She was correct. The butterflies seemed to glow in the dark illuminating their vibrant blues and purples. The big bright moon shone brightly causing its light to reflect off of our faces.

"Ah! What the hell is that?" Julian exclaimed in horror as he swung his arm over his head.

"It's alright. They're just fairies," I exclaimed with a laugh.

"There are fairies here?" Neha asked.

"Yup. Mateo said they help take care of the environment. Pretty cool right?"

"Yeah..." Neha said trying to touch a fairy that stood on a low tree branch.

"Ok, I can't wait any longer! I'm dying to know what you need to tell us. Spill!"

I told them everything. From the ring to Alpha Ignis' death, making sure to add every important detail.

"Damn," Jasper exclaimed.

"I was not expecting that," Raphael responded.

"They killed him?" Elias asked.

"Yeah, Sebastián said they didn't have a choice."

"They could've easily banished him or locked him up. Why did they kill him?"

"Eli. In order to stop the destruction, you must stop the destructor," Jasper replied.

I noticed Elias looking a bit down. Did Jasper not know about Elias' uncle? "Wait, are you planning on..." Nathan inquired.

"Yes, I want to bring the Alphas back together again. I'm going to talk with the other three Alphas and try changing their minds."

"Leilani, did you not hear Sebastián? Nothing in the North, South, or the East concerns any of us," Nathan said.

"Nathan, I'm not just going to sit on my ass and wait for someone else to take action. And no, I'm not doing this because of the deed, I'm doing this because it's the right thing to do."

"If you're going on this adventure I want to come," Jasper exclaimed.

"I'll go," Elias stated.

"Me too," Neha responded. "Me three!" Saphira added.

"No, Neha. You're not going anywhere. It'll be too dangerous," Blaike barked at her. 

"Yeah, Saphira. You're not going either. I think Leilani should go with Elias, Nathan, and Jasper."

I looked at Saphira to see her give Lucian a sour face. "I guess that makes sense," she finally said.

"Awh," Neha pouted.

"It's alright, I'll bring you a souvenir," I told her with a wink.

"So it's settled. And if anything goes wrong, mind link us right away," Blaike ordered the boys.

"We'll leave first thing tomorrow morning," I exclaimed.

"Leilani," Elias said. He motioned me to step away from our group so we could talk. "Are you sure about this? What if your plan to bring the Alphas back together again doesn't work?"

"Elias remember that night we went sneaking around in my father's library? I remember feeling iffy about the whole thing. You told me not to worry and to give this place a chance. You even said I may be destined to come to this place. And to be honest, I think you were right. I can't really describe it but something in my heart is telling me that I have a very important job to do and I can't take the risk of ignoring it."

"Yeah, I guess I understand, just what if something h-happens and-" he said before reaching my face to tuck a couple of white strands behind my ear.

His touch caused me to swallow very slowly. As I looked into his beautiful orbs, I could see worry and fear. "Shhh," I said while placing my hand over his which was currently cupping my cheek. "No what-ifs. Nothing is going to happen," I whispered to him.

"Sorry to interrupt you two lovebirds, but which Alpha do you plan on visiting first?" Jasper asked me. Elias immediately dropped his hand before clearing his throat.

"Well, I've given it quite some thought and I plan on seeing Alpha Ignis first."

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