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        NALA HAD NEVER been a patient person

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NALA HAD NEVER been a patient person. So, waiting in the car outside of the building that Peter Hale lived in was not something that she was necessarily very happy to do, even if it was for a couple of minutes.

However, as Stiles' words of "He's not here" registered in both Nala and Derek's minds, the two jumped into action, realising what that meant.

"Stiles! Get out of there!" Nala borderline yelled into the phone, "It's him, he's the Alpha!" Derek added, the two scrambling out of Stiles' jeep and into the building, sprinting towards Peter's room.

Spotting Stiles, Peter, and Peter's nurse, Derek rushed forward, pushing the woman down and growling at Peter. Nala grabbed Stiles, checking him for any injuries before putting a protective arm in front of him.

"Nala Reynolds. Well haven't you grown up nicely." Peter smiled maliciously at the girl, who, in retaliation, felt her eyes turn pitch black.

"Well, that's not very nice, is it you little devil?" The alpha chuckled, causing Nala to push Stiles back even more. However, the boy whimpered as he backed into a body. Jennifer, Peter's nurse, had pulled herself up off the ground and was staring at Stiles.

Nala caught a glimpse of metal in Jennifer's hand, and all hell broke loose. Derek charged Peter, whilst Nala pushed Stiles away before rushing towards Jennifer, claws unsheathed.

All Nala saw was red as she tackled the woman to the ground, knocking the knife yo the ground. Jennifer's eyes widened in fear as she looked up at Nala's face, her teeth sharp, eyes black, and two horns protruding from her head and she snarled at Jennifer.

"P-Please." Jennifer begged Nala, but the girl was past the point of return, she couldn't hear anything but the chanting in her ears saying, she was going to kill Stiles, don't let her get the chance.

And with that, Nala raised her clawed hand, slashing into Jennifer's chest over and over again, splattering her own body with blood, the voice in her head chanting Kill! Kill! Kill! over and over again.

Stiles could only watch in shock as Nala completely maimed and mangled the nurse's body, continuing to slash into her chest way past the point where she had died.

Finally, the voice in Nala's head subsided, and instead was replaced by a searing pain, causing the girl to scream out in terror. It was a kind of pain that she had never felt before, one that made her feel as though her brain had been put through a blender.

Stiles finally found himself running back to his jeep as fast as his legs would take him, pulling himself safely into his jeep and driving away, with Derek and Peter breaking apart from their fight, Derek scooping up Nala in his arms, the girl still screaming and whimpering, before taking off towards the Hale House, ignoring the sharp pain in his ears every time she screamed.

Before the fire, Sofia Esposito and Peter Hale were good friends. In turn, Sofia became friends with Talia Hale, and Sofia would often bring her young niece to the Hale house for playdates with Cora, Derek, and Laura.

         After the fire, however, Sofia distanced herself and Nala from the remaining Hales, out of grief, and protection for Nala. Sofia wanted to keep Nala out of the supernatural world as much as she could, so she moved them out of Beacon Hills for a few years. What Sofia didn't know, though, was that Nala and Derek stayed best friends, even after moving away, and that her attempts to keep Nala out of it had failed.

        So, of course, Peter knew exactly what was going on with Nala, and he wasn't sure if even Nala knew, let alone Derek.

Arriving at the house, Derek placed Nala gently onto a table, the girl curling up into a ball, still clutching her head and whimpering, her vocal chords worn out from screaming.

"You might want to stay back, Derek." Peter warned his nephew, the alpha himself standing by the door, making sure he was prepared to run if he had to.

"What's happening to her?" Derek asked, not moving away from the girl despite Peter's warning.

"She killed Jennifer. It triggered her full transformation into a Diavolo. If you don't stay back, she will not hesitate to kill you when the transformation is complete." Peter explained, causing Derek to furrow his eyebrows.

"Full transformation? You mean—" Derek was cut off by Peter, who already knew what Derek was going to say.

"If you thought she was dangerous before, just wait until her transformation is complete."


It was all Nala could see, pitch black, as if she had been buried alive. The pain was still searing in her head, concentrating where the horns that protruded when she turned were placed. All she heard was white noise, it seemingly getting louder and louder, until it was deafening, completely unbearable.

And then it stopped.

Nala let out one last confused whimper, before opening her eyes, uncurling her body to look at the room she was in. She could tell by the singed walls and slight burning scent that lingered that she was in the Hale house, and she looked up to see Derek looking at her curiously, with Peter taking a look at her before dashing out the door.

"Nala?" Derek asked, taking a wary step towards her. He wasn't sure if she was even aware that she was still fully transformed, eyes black, sharp claws, horns protruding from her skull, and sharpened teeth. Although, Derek noted, her horns seemed larger, her teeth sharper, her claws longer, her eyes seeming as though they lead to a dark abyss.

"What the hell happened to me?"

a/n: dun dun dunnnn!!!! so we finally have a name for what nala is!!!
also keep in mind that the reason what she is hasn't been explained in detail is because nala doesn't know. except for sofia (who wants to keep her in the dark) her whole family is dead so theres nobody to explain it to her, and her species is extremely rare

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