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hello everyone! before we start, i want to give a huge warning to you guys ! hopefully you will enjoy HIM after reading this small message ((:

alright, first off, this book includes ;;

i know bangtan does not want
to be shipped with other girls. i
personally do not ship bangvelvet,
but for the purpose of the story and
aesthetics there will be straight ships.
i like the edits ya'll, it ain't that deep.

please, do NOT hate on my book
because bts isn't gay. the purpose
of HIM was to shed light on other
lgbt sexualities and gender identity.
if i see hate, i do not tolerate it. you
don't like the content? don't leave a
nasty comment. you don't like the ships?
don't leave heterophobic comments (:

please do not leave hate because tae or jk
isn't a dom or sub or vice versa. it's really
not that necessary my dudes.  i got other
books with your preference and there's a
lot more on wattpad too.

i am really grateful HIM has been able to reach almost one million reads ! but this has gone too far to be ignored ): i get a lot of heterophobic comments and hate towards myself for the straight ships included, and it really hurts and is very discouraging to me.

to those who think heterophobia doesn't exist, it does. it may not be as common or it may not widely affect the lives of people, but hate exists in every shape and form. hating on straights is like hating on homosexuals, and that isn't cool.

please try to accept and love every sexuality, every single gender identity, and everyone as a whole because in the end, we're all equal no matter how we choose to live our lives.

so please just don't leave hate. please.

anyways, if this isn't your cup of tea, the door is that way ! thank you for reading this disclaimer and from now on, let's spread the love !

hopefully you'll join the family too and read my other books hehe ((:

💛 mela

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