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Before this story starts the lovely book cover is drawn by DragonBookReader1096 please follow them!!


"Yes dear?"

"Can we please have a child?"


𝖄ou know..As the principal's daughter..I never really get noticed..I'm like an invisible person..well..Instead of Bully and the other kids that break the rules, they seem to 'Respect' me. Just because I sell things they like..Or..some things that they requested. That are not suppose to be at school..Just because I am the principal's daughter dosen't mean I'm a goodie two shoes. But this business I own is a secret. Well..my dad knows. He only thinks that its just candy and other school supplies for the cheapest price. But when no one is there..

thats where the real buisness comes.

Thats where Bully and the others come running to me like peasants and go on their knees. Begging me to give them stupid vape things or some cocaine. Of course I gave it to them, but its never a cheap price, "120." I said and looked at Bully, "W-What?! C'mon I'm one of your vaule customers!" He pleaded, his choclate brown hair shined as his grey eyes were pleading for me to lower the price, I growled in annoyance, "120 or nothing at all." I said as Bully rolled his eyes and gave me the thick cash of money, I counted it in my head and gave it to him, "If caught. Don't say that I gave it to you. Got it?" I glared at him as Bully nods and ran off, I sighed and looked around, even thought my bangs cover my eyes and my black beanie helps to keep it down I can still see pretty well..

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Looking around I see Blue walking up to me, "Hey!" Blue said smiling, I put a fake smile and giggled happily, "Heya Cuz'!" I said cheerfully, "You want a pencil? You can have it for free!!" I handed her an aqua pencil with beautiful designs like the waves of the ocean, Blue happily took it and smiled, "Thanks!" She looked at my pile of cash, "Wow..Selling lots of things today I see?" "Mmmhm!!" "Oh yeah..Uhm..You have to stay with me and uncle Baldi and Ruler.." She said and rubbed the back of her head. I quickly stopped smiling and stood silent, my dad never...loved me...Like other dads do..He's never in my shows..He isn't there in fathers day..after all those restless nights I spent to make the perfect gift for him to only see him throw it to the ground in front of my face or throw it in the garbage secretly.

I...I hated it..I always hated it..I always wonder why does he hate me? I..I didn't do anything wrong to him! I just give him love everyday only to be treated like garbage or being invisible to the world! Hell, even if I killed myself there still wouldn't be a change! My dad wouldn't even notice at all! "W..Wolfie?" Blue asked concern, I switch back to reality as I notice to see my heavy breathing and my fists clenched in hate and anger and seeing black goo streaming down my cheeks, I quickly wiped them and smiled, "I-It was nothing!" I chuckled nervously and hugged Blue happily with my tail wagging to reassure her, "If you say so..you can tell me anything you know that..right Wolfie?" She said softly as I nod happily "I love to see Uncle Baldi and Ruler!"

Even though I see them almost everyday. Its like I live there..They even made a room for me..I sometimes wonder if they even want me to live there.

Blue looked at me and frowned, she sighed and patted my head, "Okay.." She said softly, "My boyfriend will pick you up.." She kissed my forhead and smiled, Blue was like a mother to me, despite me being much of like a child and her almost being a collage student and a young adult who will have a life..I simply nod and smiled, "S-Sure!" I said softly and grabbed my stuff as I put the stand as closed and out a cover at it to prevent water on it if it ever rained.

When the school ended I can see Blue talking to Baldi and Ruler, overhearing their conversations a bit, "Just watch over Wolfie okay? She started to cry without even knowing it after I told her that she's going to stay over..Since her own father can't..Do you think she know's that he's drinking in bars?" Blue said softly as Baldi sighed, "I have no idea Blue..But this dosen't concern us..I don't want you getting involved with this issue.." Baldi said worriedly, "I-I can do it..I can ask her if your really that worried dear.." Ruler said, he played with his yellow sweater as Baldi looked at him worriedly, "Its fine! She'll open up..and I won't get involved.." Ruler said softly and kissed his cheek as Baldi sighed, I walked to them with my tail wagging happily, "Hello!!" I giggled and hugged them, Baldi and Ruler hugged me back as Ruler chuckled, "Hello dear! Ready to crash into your uncle's and eat a banana split?!" Ruler said excitedly, I giggled and nod happily, "Yeah!!" I said and snuggled him as Baldi smiled softly, "Your father's busy with big business..You know he loves you.." Baldi said softly and kissed my forehead as my tail stopped wagging, "O..Okay.." I looked up at Baldi and frowned as I see Art's & Craft's in his car and honkong the horn, "Wolfie! Lets go to the diner and Ruler will join!" He said as I went in the back of the car, I see Bruler in and Bruler smiled at me, he put an arm around me and grabbed my backpack, "Hey!" I pout as he chuckled.

"Hey Wolfie this is heavy! What do you have in there?"

I stood silent and tugged it back, "Nothing." I said simply as Bruler stopped smiling amd everything went quiet. "So...W..Wolfie...Do you still know that your father loves you?" Ruler asked nervously as I clenched my fist, "Y..Yes.." I said in a shaky voice, Art's & Craft's stopped the car, "W-were here!" He said, trying to change the subject, I was the first to get out and ran into the diner with glee

This was like a little escape room..where I can finally relax and feel safe for once..


Helllo!this story was 1118 words! (Not counting the ones here) and its pretty hard to do this as it is pretty hard to do ;-; anyways I hope you enjoy-

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