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Seokmedaddy is typing...

Seokmedaddy: hoseok.

Seokmedaddy: I'm getting impatient.

*sunshine*: you're worried aren't you

Seokmedaddy: shut it hobi

suga_nspice: yep he's definitely worried

Junglecock: woah there mister heartless what happened to your "image"


*sunshine*: I think this one got to him kook

Seokmedaddy: oh my god-

Junglecock: hyung talked the most shot about going solo for the rest of his life yet here he is sksksksksk fake ass-

suga_nspice: :0

*sunshine*: honestlyyyyyy

Seokmedaddy: that's it I'm checking his address and going through his files.

suga_nspice: ffs

*sunshine*: what did we say about profanities


*sunshine*: do you really wanna go back to 3 months ago because you're really fucking testing me yoonie bear.

suga_nspice: :))))

*sunshine*: you must really wanna get fucking decimated don't you.

Junglecock: tmi thots

Junglecock: sO you really gonna risk it all just like that hUH.

[Seokmedaddy has left the chat!]

suga_nspice: alright who's gonna go get him this time before he flips the fucking place upside down

*sunshine*: I did it last time fuck that.

suga_nspice: tHaTs 2 dOLLaRs iN tHe sWeAr JaR nOw

[*sunshine* has left the chat!]

suga_nspice; jeon fucking jungkook i sWeAr to god-

Junglecock: god? Never heard of her.

Junglecock: have fun yeeting his meat hyung bYE

[Junglecock has left the chat!]

suga_nspice: fuck all of you.

suga_nspice: i deserve a raise wth

[suga_nspice has left the chat!]


Filler hhhhhhhh sorry I been busy w schoolwork n shit ugh

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