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The next day, Saul picked me up at one like he said he would

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The next day, Saul picked me up at one like he said he would. I was sitting in the passenger's seat while looking at him, he had his hair in a ponytail which I'd never seen on him in magazines or anything. It showed his face more, which was great.

"So, what should we do today, angel?" He took a drag of his cigarette, then blowing the smoke out the window.

"I don't know, I'm here for anything." I relaxed into the seat, playing with the oversized sleeves of my black unzipped hoodie.

He took a glance at me, then looked back at the road with a smile.

"What?" I laughed.

"Nothing, you're just cute." He said, still looking straight ahead.

I felt heat come up to my cheeks, I smiled to myself.

"You are too." I said.

He smiled looked my way, grabbing my hand, then pulling it up to kiss it while looking in my eyes. he blows me away.

"Beautiful." I said quietly with a blush on my cheeks.

He unlaced our fingers and used his arm to slide me across the seat to be next to him, his arm now around me. I rested my head on his shoulder.

We ended up having multiple deep conversations, while he just drove around town. It was so nice, really. I've never opened up to someone so fast. We talked about our families, he gushed about his mom which I thought was adorable. I told him about my dad, how he was a biker and how that was the cause of his death, a bike accident when I was thirteen.

"How'd your parents meet?" He asked.

"How they met? My mom was from a hippie family and my dad from a hardcore biker one, pretty opposite, but they worked together perfectly. They met at a Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" concert in '72. Nine months later they have a baby girl!" I laughed.

"So, I'm guessing you're an only child?"

"Yup." I answered.


We had a great time the whole day together, but yet again it was already past midnight.

"If you wanna, you could spend the night at my place." He suggested.

"I'd love to, I just need to ask my mom." I replied as we sat in our booth at a diner.

"Be right back." I smiled as I walked over to the phone in the back.

I convinced my mom, surprisingly. I excitedly walked back to the booth.

"She said I could."

He immediately smiled and we continued eating, but at last we got in his car and went to his place. It was nicer than I expected, it had big windows covering one wall, a couch against the other, a big vinyl collection, some guitars, and other cool decorations.

We watched some horror movie I'd never heard of, and it was really creepy. Why is this man always trying to spook me? We were both getting sleepy,

"If you want you can wear one of my t shirts to sleep." He said groggily.


He retracted his arms from my waist and took off his shirt, then handing it to me with his eyes closed.

"Here." He spoke.

"You can change here, I won't look, I promise." He added.



I smiled and gave him a kiss before putting on his t shirt and taking off my shirt and pants. The shirt he had was like a dress on my tiny, six year old looking body.

"You look cute." He smirked.

"You said you wouldn't look! What did you see?" I crossed my arms.

"Nothing! I swear. You just look adorable in my shirt." He laughed, now lying on his back on the couch.

I smiled and laid back down on top of him, closing my eyes once my head met his chest. I had trouble keeping my eyes open.

He let out a deep satisfied breath and got situated, his arms around me, our legs tangled in each other.

"Goodnight, baby." He said in a sexy sleepy voice, then kissing the top of my head.

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