Laflams but Laf is more a thirdwheeler😥

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So i finnaly got my shit together and ready to write you a D E L I C I U S smoothie :)

I been caught up in idea of making Laflams but like, in play. Like they r actors and they go to storage and have....f r i c c f r a c c with micros so the audience hears moans and stuff lmao.

But what kind of play to do

Maybe some of musicals?

Be more chill, but like genderbent play??

Mmmmmhmmm yesss
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Enjoy uwu


John sighed as he finally get off the stage.

He was playing Broke from Be more chill musical but as a genderbent style.

"Mon cher??"

He heard whisper, jumped from startling but calming down after realizement of who it was.

It was his boyfriend, Lafayette.

"Where is Apex?" John hushly whispered.

"He is still playing his role, but we can start without him." Laf smirked.

John snorted and nodded.

In a second, they both were on each other, making out sheepilessly

John made small grunt in kiss as Laf pinned his hips against the wall.

Once Laf pilled out, saliva connecting them both, John bit his lip and looked up at Laf with naked lust all over his face.

"Little one, you make me so goddamn horny." Laf whispered and kissed him back again.

John moaned and wrapped his arms behind his neck as Laf kissed his cheek and kissed his neck all down as John all could do was shudder.

"D-daddy..." He moaned.

"Hush baby boy, I will make you feel good..." He murmured, removed his hair from his shoulder and took off his costume, kissing his now exposed chest.

He clamped hand over his mouth, gasping trough nose and door opened revealed Alex.

"Starting without me ??? Not fair-" Alex grumbeld.

"Well, you are late for fun time." Laf smirked.

John gasped again.

"P-papi...." He mewled as Alex smiled and chuckeld.

"Look at this damn slut. Begging to be opened, arent ya?" He grinned and step closer to kiss John, locking door behind him.

John moaned in kiss as Laf traveled down to his pants, begining to buckling and free his fly.

"Someone is eager??" Alex grinned after kiss, took off his and Jihn's costumes.

"D-dont tease me Papi.." John whined, his voice high as Laf began to suck him.

"F-fuck...." He whined, three his head back from pleasure and cried.

Lafayette swirled his tongue over John's sensitive flesh.

John hissed as Alex tugged his nipples.

"C'mere you feisty slut. I will show you how a real man fucks a whore.." He growled, taking him from Laf, turning him around and just pushed in, not giving him time to adjust.

"AHHH F-FUCK!!" John harshly moaned, cried from pressure.

"Tell me, who owns you?? Eho owns you huh??" Alex growled.

"Y-you and d-daddy!! Ahhh!!" John stuttured as Laf smirked proudly, watched his two boys.

"That is right, you fucking whore." Alexander growled throaty and began to thrust more into John till his legs couldn't give in.

"F-fuck!! Im close!!" John cried off.

"Dont you dare fucking come!!" Alex shouted, his hips going faster and faster.

Lafayette watched them as a hawk, dick in his hands.

"P-papi!! Please!!" He begged as Alex took his hair back, exposing his neck and instead of verbally answering, he sucked his neck.

His hickeys, bruises, lovebites covering over Lafayette's.

How the hell is he gonna hide all these during play!?

Then John sighed, maybe yoo much, when Alex finally came inside of him.

He pulled of, leaving John unsatisfied and still hard as a rock.

"What about me!?" He whined.

"Oh poor baby...'' Alex laughed at him, cruel and cold.

Laf sighed.

"How about you wear cock ring and plug to keep Alex come all inside of him during our play?" Laf asked, came to John and kissed his face lovingly.

John shuddered but then nodded.

Then Alex turned and re-fresh himself.

Came back with tube and cockring and plug.

Lafayette carefully put plug inside of John and cockring on his prick.

"Whats that?" John asked him, quite sleepily.

"That is foundation. To cover you marks.." Alex smirked and motioned John to come closer.

John gulped and blushed, obligied as Alexander put make up on his neck, covering all of marks.

"After this, your all mine little one." Laf said, placed hand gently on his ass.

John shuddered, looked at Laf and couldn't feel bad for Laf to just make him watch.

Laf looked qt him, as if he read his mind.

"Babe, you know how much I love my two boys watching. Dont feel bad." He smiled gently, and kissed his lip softly.

Alex scoffed.

"C'mon ! We gotta hurry!" He ahiuted as other two men nodded and took costumes.

But little did they knew....

That they had microphones on while Alex fucked John...

The end

(Or to be continued???)

Idk i kinda wan make part two of this.

Also, happy bday hamilhoe!

We lov u!!


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