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Bradley was having the time of his life and then his mum just took away his happiness in seconds. Sure he left when people were over and didn't tell his mum where he was going and he probably shouldn't have done that but he wanted to be around people he knew cared and loved him. And ever since he came out Bradley just felt like nobody in his family cared or loved him anymore. Except for his sister Natalie but they never talked and last time she visited she completely forgot he was gay and tried to set him up with one of her friends. Which was an awkward moment for both Bradley and his sister but mostly him.

As Bradley laid down on his bed, he thought about all the good memories he's had over the years. The first memory to come to mind was him with his dad and his grandfather when he was about five years old they had been at his grandfather's cabin sitting on the dock. Bradley was on his dad's lap licking his vanilla ice cream while his dad and grandfather were sipping beer just enjoying the view and being completely at peace. Bradley hasn't been to that cabin since because of his mum and dad getting a divorce shortly after. Not only has he not been to his grandfather's cabin he hasn't seen anyone on his dad's side or his dad since.

Bradley's heartached he missed his dad and his grandfather especially since he's a daddy's boy. His sister was the one close with his mum while Bradley and her relationship was that she gave birth to him and they lived together. There was nothing more to it really and if it was Bradley's decision he would move in with his dad in seconds. But Bradley has had no contact with his father and his mother would never give him the option and if he went without her permission, she would most likely call the police. A tear rolled down Bradley's cheek, he sniffled and quickly wiped away the tear.

Bradley pulled out his phone and grabbed his headphones off his nightstand. He connected his bluetooth headphones with his phone and went onto YouTube. He went down to YouTube's recommended playlist for him and he selected the one labelled 'Mix - 5 Seconds Of Summer - Jet Black Heart'. Bradley closed his eyes and just let the music flow through his heart and soul letting Michael Clifford's voice drown out the world.

Music has always soothed Bradley along with the night sky and bad weather. To him the night, snow, rain, thunder and lighting were so peaceful and elegant he loved gloomy scenes. Unlike most people who would rather have the sun and clear skies Bradley wishes for it to rain, snow or be cloudy. He's one out of a million and to his friends and sister he's extraordinary.

Bradley's eyes drooped and sure enough, after a couple more minute he was sound asleep.

As Bradley slept someone called the house phone Bradley's mum picked up the phone, "hello?"

She heard a sigh, "Hi Anne... it's Dennis."

Anne rolled her eyes, "I'm still not going to let you see him so you can stop calling and asking too."

The line went silent for a second then Dennis angry said, "I'll stop calling but you better be ready for me at that house next week! He's my son and whether you like it or not I have joint custody over him."

The phone beeped in Anne's ear signalling that Dennis had hung up the phone. Anne dropped the phone, grabbed the bottle of wine next to her on the counter, threw it at the wall and watched it shatter. She was beyond infuriated, Anne's eye twitched and she looked up at the stairs.

"This is all his fault," she thought.

Anne made her way upstairs leaving behind a bottle of antipsychotic pills with an evil gleam in her eye, "he deserves nothing but cruelty."

She opened Bradley's door, walked over to his sleeping figure and smirked cruelly. She raised her hand up high and swiftly brought it down on Bradley's smooth baby soft cheek waking him up immediately. Bradley jolted upright and put his hand over his cheek ignoring the tears travelling down his face. He looked at his mother in pain and fear but she smiled. Anne chuckled, "you don't deserve to live."

Bradley swallowed the forming lump in his throat, he opened his mouth wanting to ask why she hit him and said to him especially since she had never physically abused him or said anything like that before. But before he could Anne wrapped her hands around his throat, straddled him and squeezed. Bradley's eyes widened, his hands flew to his neck, and he tried and ply Anne's hands off. He got her hands away from his throat but before he could make an escape Anne pinned his arms to the sides of his head. Bradley kicked her repeatedly with all his might and when her grip slightly loosened, he pulled his hands away and pushed her off of him.

Anne fell to the floor and Bradley quickly grabbed his phone and shoes. He ran out of his room, down the stairs and outside the front door. Bradley kept running until he reached a park he sat down at one bench and caught his breath before he put his shoes on. He had no money to go anywhere, and he didn't want to bother his friends with his problems especially at this time of the night. A cold gust of wind blew through the park causing Bradley to shiver he looked around the park and saw a tree with a base that was slightly curved at the bottom making it look almost like a chair.

He made his way over to it, sat down and leaned up against the tree. Bradley sighed, closed his eyes and as soon as he did the tears fell. He wrapped his arms around his legs, rested his head on his thighs and let out a choked sob.


AN: I literally had no plans of making the mum a complete bitch I don't know where this came from. Also, if you noticed that I didn't use Bradley's father's real name it's because every person I've met with that name has been a total dick so now I lowkey hate that name🤷🏻‍♂️. Anyways, the next chapter will hopefully be more lighthearted.

Edit: I made the mum have psychosis so this chapter and future ones will make a little more sense.

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