Chapter 6

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His Sex Kitten:

His Sex Kitten:

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They were getting ready for bed when Kyle answered a call, hearing who it was he looked over at Kiera and frowned. "Yes, I'm very pleased with her. Yes, she has done everything I asked without questioning it. Listen, I don't want to be rude but don't call me again. My time is not up with her and I plan on enjoying every minute of it with her now goodnight," he said and hung up.

She sat up in bed listening to his end of the conversation. She wanted to ask him what all they said but was too afraid.

When he looked at her he saw the fear creep back up in her eyes, he went and sat next to her. "I wish you would tell me why you're scared of them. I don't understand, you work for them so what's going on?"

"Nothing," she said, shaking her head.

He lifted her chin up with his fingers. "By the time we come back from Italy, you will have told me what's going on." He kissed her before getting undressed and climbing into bed.

"Do you want me to satisfy you?" she asked, knowing they couldn't have sex even though he wanted to.

He laid on his back. "Not tonight, but thanks for offering."

She laid on her side, she placed her hand on his chest as he slept. The feel of his beating heart under her hand felt so nice. It hit her that she had to stop acting scared so that he would stop asking questions, pressuring her to tell him the truth about herself. From now on she would shower him with affection, making sure she pleasured him so that way he would forget about knowing more about her.

For two days he was kept busy with work, making sure people were assigned to take care of his business during his absence. For this, she was grateful as she still had her period and hoped it would stop soon. Her wish came true, in four days it was gone and they would be heading to Italy the next morning.

She woke up and heard the shower running, knowing he was in there she decided to join him, something she would never have done before. His back was to her when she quietly stepped in,  putting her arms around him, moving them down to his cock, her lips pressed against his back she started kissing it, hearing him moan and his cock growing hard in her hand.

The moment he felt her behind him he started getting hard, and when she put her hands on his shaft it grew harder and it started to throb. He had been without sex for almost four days and he was more than ready to be inside her hot pussy. He turned around, pushing her up against the wall, taking her hands placed them over the nozzle. "Keep them here," he growled, his breathing becoming ragged.

His hand moved down and between her legs, feeling how wet she was as he sucked hard on her neck, her moans only got him more excited. Feeling her breasts on his chest as they heaved hard against him he wanted to be inside her so bad but he didn't have a condom with him. "I want to fuck you so bad but I don't have anything with me," he said, his hard cock pressing against her.

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