Chapter Twenty Four

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Waking up the next day, a weird wave of embarrassment washed over me. Replaying last nights events felt like an out of body experience. I couldn't believe we had done all that.

I rubbed my eyes and sat up, looking to my right. Isobel wasn't in her bed, and I could hear the water running in the bathroom.

I yawned and stood up, before walking over to the closet to throw on a hoodie. It was a cold morning, cold enough to overpower the heater. I padded towards the mirror hanging on the wall besides the door and stared at myself.

I blinked a few times, then rubbed my fingertips over my lips as if to remind myself last night was real. I hadn't dreamt it all up. We actually made out and it didn't end horribly.

The smile that stretched my lips upward was involuntary, no matter how much I tried to hold it in. It was almost too good to be true. I was having the best couple of days in the white heaven on earth with the most beautiful girl on earth mine to kiss and touch.

Then a part of me began filling up with doubt. What if she took it all back today? It wouldn't be the first time. We had talked everything through for hours last night but it didn't stop the fear from pooling in my stomach.

I didn't think I could handle rejection a third time. I just couldn't.

I shook my head to clear the negative thoughts. No, we were perfectly fine. Things couldn't be better. Isobel liked me, and she wanted to be with me. She made that clear.

Right on cue, the bathroom door creaked open and Isobel walked out in nothing but a towel wrapped around her.

My eyes widened. It took her a few moments to notice I wasn't in bed anymore, and a smile lit up her face when she did.

"Good morning!" She chirped.

"Hey." I responded softly, returning her smile. The strong scent of lavender was overpowering and I realised it must be her shampoo.

"Did you sleep well?" She questioned as she walked over to the closet to pick out some clothes to wear. She either had no idea the effect she was having on me in that tiny towel or she was purposefully acting oblivious. Knowing her, it was probably the latter.

I swallow, tearing my eyes off her long legs and chuckled. "Yeah, I slept like a baby."

It was true. When we finally got to the cabin last night, we made out a little more against the closed door then got undressed and slipped into bed and I was pretty much gone immediately.

"I could tell. You were snoring." She laughed.

My mouth popped open. "I do not snore!"

"You do. Like a little kitten. It's the cutest thing." I flushed red, indignantly muttering to myself. Grayson had told me I snored a few times but I always thought he was just being an ass.

"Anyway, we're going for breakfast in a few, so get ready." She told me, and I nodded. I walked over to the bathroom and was about to shut the door when she called out.

"Wait." She scurried towards me and out of no where pressed her lips to mine. I put my hands on her wet hair at the back of her neck and kissed her back eagerly.

She broke off and grinned. "There, now you can get ready."

I closed the door, feeling dazed. For a few moments I just stood there, then couldn't help the excited little jig. I felt giddy and excited and I didn't even know for what. I couldn't believe this was happening. I showered in record time and got changed.

"Wait, we didn't talk about if we're going to tell the rest." Isobel spoke later on when we were walking out the door.

I locked it and slipped the key into my pocket. "It's up to you. They all already know that I like you."

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