before you read.

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Before you begin, a few notes:

1) This story probably won't be entirely happy, so if that is what you are looking for, I would find another story.

2) The main character's name is Amalia but she goes by Mia for most of the story. However, on the parts where Amalia is written, I pronounce it as Uh-Mall-E-Uh.

3) Please, please, please, leave feedback or encouragement, but no rude comments towards the book or other readers.

4) Please don't copy this book or translate it, and if you see someone doing so, please let me know immediately.

5) Enjoy! I'm very proud of what I have in my drafts and published so far, and I hope you all grow to love this story as much as me.

Happy (maybe) reading (:

Happy (maybe) reading (:

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