Chapter 83

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Okay, there were a lot of guesses in the last chapter on why Zayn felt guilty, and a lot of you got it right. I won’t say why yet, but I have been dropping clues for a while, and everything will be explained soon. You know me, I like to build suspense and make you guys guess.

But all shall be revealed.

PS. This chapter may cause crying, gasping and screaming…



He looked her in the eyes. “I still want to make you suffer, even this day, even this moment I want to do horrible things to you…”

“But you are resisting the urge.” She flipped over her hand so that she was holding his hand in her own. “You are resisting… that’s a start, right?”

Zayn didn’t answer. He felt guilt boiling at the pit of his stomach.

He felt like the devil as his eyes glanced down at the chunks of shark meat on her plate. I’m sorry.

“Finish your food, we will take desert outside. You need to experience the beauty of the city from outside of this sound proof and wind proof room.”


The duration of their main course passed with casual conversation.

He talked about his past whilst she talked about her childhood—narrowly missing out the parts involving Ethan, of course.

By the time both of their plates were empty, Evelyn learnt how Zayn had fought in almost every major war in history, met some of the incredible and the most admirable people human history.

He had fought with Alexander the Great and had given the great conqueror the gift of immortality after witnessing and admiring the bravery and natural born leadership the man possessed.

He had worked with Leonardo De Vinci, and too, gave him the gift of immortality because he saw him as a talent too great to lose.

He had also met Helen of Troy, but did not turn her because it was before he knew immortality was a gift he was capable of giving… That and he claimed she was a complete bitch, in every sense of the word.

Zayn had learnt from Evelyn that growing up, due to her birth as a human; she was very isolated from other children. Her mother had always held a prejudice in her heart towards people who weren’t as lucky as them. So, she had very few friends, and shared the eternal friendship glamorized by society with none of them.

She had always seen her cousin Alice was her closest companion, and that she and Alice had always been the closest. Whilst her sister took after her mother’s ways of thinking, Evelyn and Alice took after Jonathan Blackburn’s belief in equality… Zayn resisted the urge of making a comment on how similar Evelyn and Alice’s life had spanned out because of their natural kind nature, inner lights, inability to control their primal urges and captivating beauties.

Even though she was revealing parts of her past to him, he could tell she was also keeping parts of her hidden: as if to protect herself.

She wasn’t ready to completely reveal her vulnerabilities to him.

He also had a feeling that many of her hidden secrets were things she knew he wouldn’t want to fear.

She feared his wrath, but if that was the case, then it just intrigued him even more.

He wanted to know everything about her.

He wanted to understand her completely and absolutely, to her finest of cellular levels.

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