chapter one

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I was awakened, frightened by my bizarre dream,red locks slapping me on the cheek,I tucked then behind my ears with both hands and huffed in frustration

The red eyes that haunted my dreams and even reality, the red snake like eyes following me wherever I go,tears filled in my eyes and I immediately wiped it away,I promised not to cry over the creature again so I wont

I straightened my crinkled shirt,and took my glasses from my drawer trying to calm my breath as I remembered the creature was lurking in my room

My palms got clammy and breathing got ragged,my eyes searching frantically at the empty room and my chest was heaving

I gnawed my lips and ran my hand through my hair,calming my breath was hard as it got worst

My breath got erratic I immediately flopped out of my bed and opened my drawer,i took my inhaler and shakily opened it,i put the lid in my mouth and pressed it three times,I kept my inhaler back on my drawer when my breath was a little bit steadied

I ran my moist tongue on my chapped lips, cleaning my sweaty hand on my baggy shirt

I tilt my neck to the familiar spot and sighted the infamous red eyes staring at me in the dark corner of my room,all I could see was its eyes and nothing more, I wasn't sure if it was a creature or a human but it gave me some boney chill

I gulped and sniffed holding onto the drawer to support me,my breath was raging once again as I held onto my chest feeling suffocated

"W-what d-do y-you w-w-want from me?" I asked shakily,holding onto my chest tight as it was suffocatingly burning

It growled,and if I could see I'm very sure it was baring its teeth sneering at me

Since I was three,the eyes started appearing in my room,sitting silently in the dark part of the room or either growling at me for some reason I don't know

My mother took me to every therapist she could find,but it didn't help it never did,all they said was that I am just making things up, like the clichéd boogie man

They never believed me,it was so annoying I literally pulled my hair in frustration and barge out of the office,stomping my feet angrily

I stopped going all together and moved away when I turned eighteen, my mom wasn't happy with the idea of me moving away,she knew how the dreams got terrible every single day but never knew that the dream was also my reality

I couldn't burden her with my nightmares,she has lots of things on her plate and I just couldn't add up to it

I sank down and lean on my drawer ,the eyes following every move I made

I sighed dejected and rubbed my face with my palms,I kept them on the floor and groaned

"You just won't leave me huh?" I chewed my inner lips looking at the red eyes who was sat looking at every maneuver I made,I wouldn't lie and say I was sacred and nervous but I got used to it

I gulped and closed me eyes inhaling large amount of air, I heard foot steps approaching me but I couldn't open my eye as fatigue hit me hard,I let sleep take me away

I woke up and found myself on my bed,scrunching my eyebrows in confusion I synchronize my room trying to remember how I got here when I remembered falling asleep on the floor

Then it hit me hard as brick,he carried me,the red snake like eyes carried me,I didn't know how to feel about it

I closed my eyes and reopened it breathing slowly and trying not to freak out which will trigger my asthma

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