❥|| A Day With Hoshi

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"This isn't going to be good." The boys said when the staff informed them that Sunny and Hoshi needed to get along for one day.

Sunny and Hoshi had been fighting a lot lately. Backstage, dorms, anywhere, there was always screaming and yelling coming from the two. They were mature enough to never take their fights onto the stage, but it started again as soon as they stepped backstage.

"For one day?" Sunny asked.

The staff nodded, Sunny and Hoshi looked at each other.

"What are you looking at Sunny." Hoshi asked trying to pick on the girl.

Sunny pointed to him and looked at the staff standing in front of them. She stood up, continuing to point.

"You're telling me I have to deal with him for a day?" Sunny asked.

"Yes." A male said.

She sighed and sat back down next to Mingyu. She leaned onto him and listened as the staff started telling the two what they had to do.

"So, Hoshi and Sunny, you guys need to get along for one day. Just one day! If we see you fighting, you have to pick a punishment." Staff explained, pointing to the 10 papers that were in a cup.

"Oh! So it's like a game?" Sunny asked.

"Yes, Sunny. It's like a game." The staff said, a bit annoyed with all of her questions.

Sunny nodded and actually got excited for this. She thought about it in terms of a game. If she stopped herself from fighting, she won. If she didn't fight, she won.

It was time for Seventeen to practice, which also meant the day with Hoshi started now. The two had to work together as much as possible, that staff thought this would be a way to make the two become "better friends."

Stretching was fun, only when the staff wasn't looking. The two sat with each other and when the staff weren't looking, they would most likely kick each other's legs.

One time, Hoshi was trying to reach his toes and Sunny was pushing on his back. When staff looked away, she started pushing down further than needed, (She still made sure she wasn't hurting the boy though.)

"Yah!" Hoshi yelled, looking to Sunny.

"You see this?! He is trying to pick a fight with me already!" Sunny said, pointing to Hoshi.

"No!" Hoshi said, trying to defend himself by putting his hands up in front of him.

The staff gave them a pass on that mistake. The members didn't really like when Sunny and Hoshi argued, but they also didn't like to see Sunny and Hoshi being all friendly. The two have a friendship where they can't really work with each other but they fit together perfectly somehow and it's amazing.

When they started practicing, Sunny constantly bumped into Hoshi when they were near each other. Hoshi would get mad but Sunny would just tease him since he couldn't say anything about it. At one point, Hoshi accidentally tripped Sunny when they did the dance again.

"Hoshi! Why would yo-" Sunny stopped herself when she saw the faces of her staff turn towards her. The other members were laughing as the two tried their best to be friendly.

"You have one more chance and then someone chooses a punishment." The staff said.

Hoshi and Sunny nodded. They both went to grab some water. The two talked for a few minutes about this game which they thought was pretty stupid.

Sunny filled up her cup again with cold water and took a sip. Hoshi hit her arm slightly and a little bit of the water fell down Sunny's shirt. However, Sunny did have water in her mouth... which she spit out at Hoshi.

The staff saw that all.

"Sunny." A female said, pointing to the girl and back at the punishment cup.

"Yah! This is your fault." Sunny said to Hoshi who was laughing.

Sunny picked a paper and opened it slowly before asking if she could pick another one. The staff declined her question and told her she had to do what the paper said, it was a punishment after all.

"Give the winner three compliments." Sunny repeated what was on the paper.

The members were laughing because they knew this would be hard for Sunny.

"Hoshi... you're really good at dancing." Sunny cringed. "You really do deserve your role of being the performance team leader and... you know how to help people when they need it."

Hoshi did a devilish laughed as he said thank you. Sunny, cringing at her words, went to hide behind the tall Mingyu.

(Questions which Sunny was asked.)

What do you think is the best about Hoshi?
"Even though we fight, he can still understand where I am coming from. He understands my point of view even if I'm wrong."

Why don't you and Hoshi work together?   
"He are complete opposites, but sometimes that's a good thing for us."

What's was the hardest thing about today?
"Having to be friendly with Hoshi. We are so used to freely being able to argue or tease each other about anything. I think we both weren't used to this side of us.

What is one thing you can take away from this?
"There will always be times where Hoshi and I can be nice to each other and there are times where we can work with each other."

What was your favorite part of this?
"My favorite part? When I realized that I like the real Hoshi, the one who wants to tease me and pick fights with me... it's always fun."

Do you think this will help you and Hoshi become better friends?
*Staff nods*
"Not at all. I think Hoshi and I have to find our own way to be able to work together properly."

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