Chapter 27 - The sword and the swordsman

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For a moment, she wanted to say her metal body was the strongest sword in the world, but she knew better. I haven't seen the world to say that, Tetsuko thought to herself.

Alonso took her words like a challenge.

With a proper stance, the man struck the mounted talking sword again.

And again. And again.

He hit more wall than metal, but he had struck Tetsuko's body enough to dent it.

The sword he was using, that is.

If she was a normal blade, it might have dented it too. But even without flowing her energy consciously to defend, Alonso's attacks were no more than a kid using a stick hoping to break a boulder.

All it did was break her prison sheath.

The soul in the sword waited as her wielder struck her. I should thank him for breaking me free, she thought, growing bored.

When Alonso's fatigue was more than his blind and misguided rage, he finally stopped.

I'm not your enemy. I'm not a demon. I'm a sword. Your sword, she projected the words as he recovered his breath. All I want is to be used in a battle, to cross blades with a worthy sword, to...

Tetsuko grew quiet. For a moment she wanted to say 'to cut flesh, to have blood drip from her edge, to take a life and engorge herself with the energy from a living person'.

The words echoed in her mind. Could a person say this? I'm a sword, but maybe part of me is losing its humanity, she thought to herself.

I have no wish to devour your soul, Alonso, she projected to her wielder.


Alonso threw the dented blade aside, the metal clanking loudly as it hit the stone. He struggled, his veins throbbing too much. He flexed his fingers but then took Tetsuko from the mount and drew the sword with a soul.


It was only for an instant. But when those fingers closed around her hilt, she sensed Dale's energies resonating with each other.

Tetsuko tried to quell it down, but she failed. Even for her, the sudden awakening was too powerful.

Alonso almost lost his consciousness and leaned against the wall.

Cold sweat ran down his sick face. With great effort, he withstood and maintained his consciousness. Despite panting even more, he didn't think twice before swinging the sword against the stone wall.

Tetsuko flowed her energy and concentrated on her edge in a heartbeat.

With a satisfied smile in her soul, she watched as her metal body sliced through the thick stone as if it were flesh.

Even Alonso couldn't believe as he stared the deep gash on the wall. Awestruck, he let go of the sword, leaving the blade in the wall. He touched the gash, his fingers trembling.

"My lord?" a low voice echoed in the room

Neither Tetsuko nor Alonso had noticed Enrique standing at the door until the advisor had spoken.

The lord opened and closed his mouth, making no sound as he pointed at the completely motionless blade stuck in the wall.

"That sword... spoke... it's... a demon..."

Enrique showed no expression. Not even pity. "You should rest, my lord. You're still recovering." The man got closer and pulled Alonso away from the weapon.

"I'm telling the truth! That sword can speak in my head! It's trying to possess me!" he shouted as Enrique made him lie.

"My lord, please rest. The healer said you might have suffered more sequelae than he thinks. Your body and soul went through a lot."

"But that demon sword—"

"I'll take care of your sword."

Alonso nodded weakly, his face paler than ever.

Shit... Enrique might put out of sight forever if he thinks it'll help Alonso.

Tetsuko stirred her energy, making it circle the edges of her metal body. As the flow became faster, she wriggled free of the wall and fell with a loud clanking sound that echoed in the room ominously until it died.

Enrique stopped midway to the sword, staring at Tetsuko with suspicious.

He turned to his lord, who looked even more terrified.

Damn it... I'd rather he got rid of me than put me away in a dungeon... This way I could find a new wielder.

As she considered her options, Dale's energy inside her reacted to her agitation, resonating with the one inside Alonso.

Before she could do anything, before Enrique could touch her, the nobleman screamed and got out of bed.

He picked her up and threw her out the window.

As she fell with the shards of glasses around her, Tetsuko laughed. Guess outside is better than to rust in a dungeon.

Her body spun as she got closer to the ground. I refuse to lay on the dirt. I'm a sword, not a shovel.

Once again the soul in the sword made her energy flow faster. Then she threw all at the tip of her sword.

Tetsuko landed in a large rock.

Almost like cutting through silk, her tip went through the stone. If she hadn't sent all her energy to the hilt, she would have gone through the rock and then the ground.

Well... it's not that bad, she thought as she checked herself.

Slightly tilted, Tetsuko was half deep in a rock in the middle of the yard the people from the castle used to practice their combat skills.

With any luck, someone good enough will pick and use me, Tetsuko thought as she looked up the clear sky. And now I'm free from my prison sheath.

The commotion had awakened part of the castle, but the soul in the sword didn't care.

As thepeople around her whispered, all she did was let her mind drift and her sensesexpand. If Alonso is no good, I need tofind a new wielder, it was the last thought the soul in the sword hadbefore going in her resting trance.    

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