Chapter 27 - The sword and the swordsman

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Only a seed remained.

But that seed was enough to make sure the nobleman could never rest. Alonso was always in a constant battle for his soul. And if he lost, even for a moment, he would become a mindless puppet, like Nicolas.

Even if she there had some distance from her wielder, even if she wasn't on his waist, even with the sheath that impaired her senses, she could tell that much.

Tetsuko let out a dry and short laugh in her mind. And he thinks I'm against him...

Once Alonso was strong enough, the healers allowed him to move back to his chambers.

But instead of rest, everything became worse for the nobleman.

That first night when Tetsuko was reunited with her wielder, Alonso began losing his mind.

He couldn't sleep. He couldn't find a moment of peace in his room.

Because Dale's energy inside him reacted to the heavy energy inside Tetsuko.

The seed had grown strong.

Even without Alonso unsheathing and wielding her for a long time, they were connected as swordsman and sword.

That night, Dale's energy was the strongest. When it threatened to take over his soul, Alonso woke, panting and sweating.

He clutched his stomach with both hands as he turned to the long, thin double-edged one-hand sword mounted on the wall like a prize instead of a weapon.

"Who are you?" he shouted, his face of a madman.

It took a moment for Tetsuko to realize Alonso was screaming at her.

Despite her disbelief, she couldn't help but feel amused.

I'm Tetsuko, the soul that lives in this sword, she thought, projecting the words with her energy, even with that annoying sheath.

Alonso placed both hands on his head, his expression twisting even more.

"That voice... you... It's you... you're the one... trying to take over... me," he said in a strained voice, the veins popping on his forehead. "I've heard it... before... in the forest..."

You're wrong, Alonso. I'm a sword. Your sword. I'm not the one—

"Shut up!" he shouted, pulling a tuft of hair. "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Get out of my head!"

Almost on the verge of tears, the man walked to the sword. He placed both hands on the wall and leaned closer to stare at the hilt.

"I can... sense you... you're inside me... trying to eat my soul..." He widened his eyes, his breathing even more erratic. "I'm not letting you... you can try... but I'm not letting... a demon like you... eat my soul..."

I'm not a demon. I'm a human... at least I was... but my soul still is, Tetsuko thought, keeping her calm. I'm your sword.

"I won't believe your lies!"

Alonso unsheathed another sword that was decorating the walls.

In his current state, that already seemed too much effort. Even so, that didn't stop the nobleman to struck Tetsuko with the blade using all the strength he had at the moment.

Tetsuko wasn't worried at all. In fact, all she did was laugh in appreciation; the attack was enough to make a crack at her sheath.

Thank you, my wielder. I hate this sheath, she projected her words. But there's no way a pathetic blade like that could even hope to scratch me. I'm the strongest sword in this castle.

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