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Dr Connor's POV:

I was going through Alex's file like Clancy asked me too, when I came across and interesting factor in her powers, you see I thought that purple's were part orange and part blue but their part everything, well that explains a lot especially how she managed to burn through the cage bars. As far as I knew there was nothing else special about her that we don't already know, well apart from the fact that she has an ability that I have never seen before. I don't even think Clancy or even her knows about it. Somehow she has the ability to teleport. I'm not really sure how one would even go about teleporting but if she knows that she can teleport maybe it can work on my behalf, maybe she can help me get her, her friends and her sister get out of The League and away from Clancy and to the safe house we have set up and by 'we' I mean, Agent Meadows, myself and her twin brother Oliver. 

We set up the safe house to hopefully safe them from this mess that the government got us into by creating the I.A.A.N, also known as Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration, but the thing that annoys me about them creating it is that they didn't create it by accident then accidently release it into the atmosphere, no they knew exactly what they were doing when they were doing it and they fully intended on releasing it, as some sort of population control but little did they know the side effects of, I.A.A.N and the mass chaos it would create and if you ask me it was not worth it just too kill 15% of the earths children population but I think dying would have been easier for these children as living right now with Clancy on his war path is worse than hell. Sometimes, all the time, I wish I could give these kids back their normal lives, to find a cure for I.A.A.N once and for all but God knows I can't do that. 

What I really want to know is, what did Alex have in her system before the virus was released for her cells to generate like that. You see instead of the Neurodegeneration section degenerating the children's cells, what it did for most of them was massively regenerate them and create these odd but wonderful powers, that's why most doctors when explaining it to the parents of sufferers they refer to it as, Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neuroregenration  as it regenerated them instead of doing in the opposite and in Alex's case they seem to have added a completely new type of cell called Icarus, since he was half human half bull and she has part of every power in her system, okay I don't know it made sense at 3 A.M when I first named it.

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