Broken Guitar Strings

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Shawn was home alone while Justin went out to pick up a few things. He was sitting on his bed strumming away at the custom guitar that his brother had gotten while he was on tour in Japan. Justin normally let Shawn practice with his guitars, but not with this one.

Justin had told Shawn not to touch it because it was a special piece and he didn't want it to look used so soon and even though Shawn was an excellent player, he still was inexperienced with certain aspects.

Shawn was strumming along to some music he was writing. Shawn was passionate about music just like Justin and wrote songs. "Oh I been shakin' I love it when I see you dancin'... no, that doesn't sound right." Shawn crossed out a lyric and started strumming the chorus again. "Oh I been shakin' I love it when you go crazy I-" Snap! Oops, there goes the guitar string.

Shawn started panic, this was the guitar Justin specifically told him not to touch. Shawn started thinking, 'Don't worry Mendes, just replace the string.' Shawn carefully put the guitar back in its spot and went on a sprint to go get a new one out of Justin's room.

Shawn looked through the guitar repair supplies when he heard a clash in his room. His heart skipped a beat and he ran back and he felt as though the world stopped for a moment.

The guitar was laying on the ground with a scratch on it from Justin's cat who curiously knocked it over when she was in Shawn's room. Shawn walked over and picked up the guitar looking over it. 'I'm in so much trouble,' he thought as he tried to think of a way out of this.

You could hear a car parking from outside which meant that Justin was home, "Shit!" Shawn mumbled in fear. Shawn quickly went and put Justin's guitar back in its case and put it in the back of the guitar showroom.

As he tried to quickly rush back out of Justin's guitar room he was greeted by Justin as he stepped out of the door, "Hi big brother," he said with a smile, acting as though nothing was happening.

"'Sup kid." Justin rose his hand to ruffle the taller boy's hair. Shawn smiled even though he was a mess of anxiety on the inside, 'Oh god, what if he finds out?' He was having a mess of thoughts when Justin asked him if he were hungry.

"Y-yeah, yeah!" Shawn replied, still somewhat blocking the guitar room door.
"I'm gonna make some food, you wanna come down and fill the cat's water and food dish while I'm doing it?" Justin asked as he walked toward the kitchen area.

"Mhm, I'm coming." Shawn said nervously as he followed behind Justin, looking behind him anxiously, still thinking about the scratched guitar. Shawn grabbed the cat's bag of food and poured it into the bowl, glaring softly at the animal who is probably going to cause him an ass beating later.

"Whoa, dude, why are you glaring at her like that? Did she make a mess while I was gone?" Justin laughed, Shawn laughed nervously as he agreed. 'You have no idea,' he thought again as he finished the food dishes. Justin made one of Shawn's favorites, grilled cheese as he sat it on the table before him.

"Eat up, man," Justin said as he took a sip from his beer bottle. Shawn nervously took a bite as he anticipated what was going to happen next. It would be soon that Justin found out about him sneaking on his guitar and then scratching it.

"Hey you okay Shawn?" Justin noticed the concern spread across his brother's face, "You feeling alright? You haven't really touched your food," he said as he caressed Shawn's cheek, feeling his forehead to see if he was sick and under his chin.

"I'm fine," Shawn replied while brushing Justin's hand away, "May I please be excused?" Justin rose an eye brow and sighed, "Yeah go ahead."

"Thank you," Shawn thanked him politely before he ran to his room and shut the door. He buried himself in his bed and whined, not knowing what to do. 'Think about it Shawn, you could say it was an accident and wait-, fuck, I wasn't supposed to be using it in the first place!' He internally argued with himself, trying to think of a solution.

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