Chapter 8

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Chapter 8:

Everyone ran quickly and sat down in a circle like they had done it a million times. Guess they play truth or dare a lot. So this will definitely be interesting then.

They were all in a circle with a space left for me I guess between Harry and Louis. Kaitlyn was on the other side of Harry sitting next to niall. After Niall it was Liam, the zayn then Lou.

Dang zayn looked so hot, it's really hard not to stare at him.

"Courtney! Come on a sit" Harry said patting the space on the ground between him and Louis.

"okay" I replied nervously staring at the ground as I walked over and sat down.

"okay I will go first" Harry said excitedly and spun the bottle in the middle of the circle. I hadn't even noticed it was there before.

Please don't land on me, I chanted in my head as the bottle spun.

It landed on niall thank god, and Harry asked him "truth or dare?"

"truth" Niall replied.

"oh come on man! You're no fun!" Harry poured but then said "if you had to date one of the guys who would it be?"

"Louis." Niall replied easily.

"that hurts man" Harry said mocking hurt, which made me smack his arm playfully and say "suck it up man, not everyone can be as great and as funny as Louis" smirking.

Harry's jaw dropped as Louis slung his arm aroung my shoulders and said "I knew I was going to like you" smiling down at me.

"okay I'm gonna go now" Niall said making everyone turn there attention back towards the game as he spun the bottle.

It landed on Harry. That's messed u! I thought, as Niall asked "truth or dare?"

"dare" Harry said matter of factly.

"I dare you to dress up like Louis and take a picture together then put it on Facebook." Niall said without hesitation. Dang he is good at this game.

Harry got up without a word a went through the door opposite of the one me and Kate entered through earlier, which I guess was where the boy's beds are.

We all sat in awkward silence until Harry came into the room once more five minutes later, dressed in red skinny jeans a white T-shirt with blue stripes just like what Louis was wearing at the moment.

"hazza, I have gotta say you have never looked better." Louis said with admiration in his eyes.

"come here bro" Harry said walking over to Lou and slinging his arm around his shoulders smiling while Liam took a picture.

"Larry stylinson" Liam said as he labeled the picture that and posted it.

"okay!!! Back to the game" I announced as they all sat back down.

"wait!!" Niall yelled at Harry before he could spin the bottle. "we forgot to say what you have to do if you don't do the dare."

"oh yeah" harry said. "how about, you have to sleep in the same bed of someone of the persons choice?"

"yeah!!!" Lou agreed instantly.

Great. I really don't wanna have to do that. I mean of course I want to, but it would be too weird.

"okay that's it then" Harry said as he spun the bottle once again.

And it landed on me.


Harry smiled mischievously at me and asked "truth or dare?" like he had already something planned.

Before I could even think about it..."dare" escaped my lips. Which caused Harry to smile even wider.

No!! I didn't mean to say that! Why did I do that??

"I dare you to kiss me." Harry grinned at me.

"no" I replied. Okay most people would think I'm crazy, but I couldn't do that to Kate, who was already looking at me with jealousy burning clearly in her eyes.

"then I get to pick who you sleep with." he replied with a smile still on his face.

Omg! He wanted me to say no! He had this planned.

"you have to sleep with zayn." he replied.

And everyone was silent as I just sat there looking at Harry in shock.

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