Chapter 25

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"Excuse me, what do you think you're doing? You're not allowed to get a job it will take time away from me. I'm needy." Kelis says linking her arm with mine.

I roll my eyes at her before looking back at the bulletin board that's hanging on the wall in the Caf. "I need a job or I'm going to spend all of my savings I've worked hard to build up." I say.

There's not much to choose from as most jobs were taken at the beginning of the school year. Why didn't I get a job sooner? Maybe because I was too busy worrying about being roomed with Nixon, passing my classes and partying. Way to be an adult Ryan.

"Oh, how fun would it be to get a job together, we would be getting paid to hang out with each other." She gushes.

I snort. Even if Kelis wanted a job for fun, since she sure don't need one, us working together would be an absolute disaster.

"We would get fired before we finished training."

She sighs. "You're right. It would be really fun though. Oh, this is a good one." Her manicured fingers pluck a bright red flyer from the board.

The top says Pecker's Pizza and Wings in large bold letters with a silhouette of a chicken below it. Before I can read the rest Kelis has her phone out and dials the number.

"Hello? Yes my friend and I saw your help wanted ad and we are interested in coming in for an interview." She has the biggest smile on her bright pink painted lips. "That's perfect, we'll be there."

With a smirk Kelis tosses the flyer in the trash bin before looking at me. "We have an interview at six tonight."

I can't help but laugh. She really knows how to get things done.

"What kind of place is Peckers Pizza and Wings?" I ask following Kelis to the line to get food.

"They have the best pizza and wings around. Huge hangout for the jocks. I'm surprised the job hasn't been taken yet, it's usually one of the more sought after jobs."

We both load our plate up with fries covered in cheese, chili and bacon bits and grab a water before taking a seat at our regular table. I really need to start going to the gym or I'm going to gain way more than the freshman fifteen.

"I need you to be my gym buddy Kel, so I don't gain one hundred pounds before the end of freshman year." I pout and stuff a delicious fry in my mouth.

"Girl, I work out almost every night, we can go straight to the gym after our interview later."

Seth slides into the seat beside me with Nixon on his other side. He groans lowly. "My balls are fucking killing me, Babe."

My cheeks grow red at his words and I whisper back. "I'm sorry."

Luckily Kelis is bugging Nixon about why he doesn't have food so neither of them are paying attention. Kelis doesn't even know I'm staying with Seth yet, I haven't decided if I'm going to divulge that information or not because she will think it's something that it isn't.

He flashes me his signature smirk. "Don't be sorry."

Seth helps me finish my loaded fries then we all head our separate ways to class. At fifteen minutes until six I meet Kelis at her dorm and we walk to Peckers together. The place is oddly packed for a Monday night, Kelis was completely right about it being a hangout for the jocks you could practically smell the testosterone in the air. Our interview went great not that it was very formal as far as interviews go. Apparently three of the waitstaff had quit right before Christmas break and they were having trouble filling the jobs since most people that needed to work already had a job by now. We got the job and both have a shift tomorrow. Our uniforms consist of either a red or yellow shirt with Peckers wrote across the chest in bold black letters, we can wear any bottoms as long they are black and any sneakers.

After we leave Peckers we go to the gym as planned. I changed into a pair of black leggings, a sports bra and a school t-shirt before meeting Kelis. I know definitely great interview attire but it was Kelis' idea and it went the way we wanted. Kelis thinks we should workout after every shift at Peckers but I saw how much those servers were running back and forth from the window at the kitchen to the tables and immediately disagreed so instead we will be working out together on the nights we have off. We'll just see how long me going to the gym actually lasts, I'm more of a couch potato and my ass agrees but I do try to keep my stomach flat. Okay flat while standing up, sheesh. Does anyone actually have a flat stomach while sitting down though? Kelis whips her shirt over her head as soon as we enter the gym revealing her black sports bra with a zipper between her breasts and her toned stomach. Kelis definitely has a flat stomach while sitting down, damn. I pull my own shirt over my head and get to work. Maybe I'll convince myself to workout after every shift at Peckers, with the amount of pizza and wings I will no doubt consume there I have a feeling I'll need it.

My legs are practically jello by the time I've followed Kelis through her rigorous workout. How this girl has the ability to do this almost every night I'll probably never understand but it obviously pays off. She could literally be an Instagram model with the body she's rocking. Damn her.

I somehow manage to make it to Seth's apartment on my newborn deer legs and then I remember Seth is most likely at the basement with Nixon tonight. I knock on the door and pray someone's home since I don't have a key. Luck must be on my side as the door is pulled open and Sawyers naked tattooed chest greets me.

"Hey Ryan." He says with a smirk moving out of the way so I can come inside.

"Hey Sawyer." I reply. Olivia is perched on a stool at the bar, pad thai half way to her mouth when she glances over her shoulder at me. I give her a wave and head to Seth's room. I don't know why I still feel so awkward around them maybe because I've seen both of them naked and going at it but still. I have to get over it because they live here and I'm living here for the next week, possibly two.  I take a long hot shower and slip into one of Seth's shirts and a pair of my sleep shorts. I pull my laptop out of my bag to get a few assignments started and by the time I decide to call it quits it's 10:00PM. I shut my laptop off along with the light and crawl under the covers. My thighs are already sore I can't imagine how they'll feel in the morning. As soon as I close my eyes I pass out.

Warm lips glide across the back of my neck, a thick erection jabbing into my ass cheek waking me up from a dreamless sleep. An awful pungent smell hits my nose. Ugh, weed. God I hate that smell.

"Seth you smell disgusting." I groan scooting away from him and shove my head under the pillow.

"I'm sorry Babe, your neck was bare and calling my name and I'm so fucking horny." He growls once again pressing his lips against my neck.

"You're also high, go text one of your fuck buddies. I'm too tired for your pervyness."

Yes, I'm sort of aware pervyness isn't a word but I'm not coherent enough for this. His erection is so hard and distracting if I wake up any further than I already am I'll never go back to sleep.

I'm already starting to fall back asleep when I hear him mumble. "Fuck buddy." Before he stumbles out of bed then I fall right back into a peaceful slumber.

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