Step 1: Check How Often He Looks at You

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Check to see how often & how he looks at you. Does he look at you a lot, or does he rarely look at you? Does he do it for attention, or just to see what you're doing? If you ever catch a guy looking at you, look at him back. Did he quickly look away & avoid any eye contact? If so, that usually means he's got some feelings for you.
Here's a little test to know if he was looking at you: if you sense he's looking at you, but you're not 100% sure if he is, look at something behind you (window, clock, etc.) & look at it for bout 3-6 seconds. When you're done, quickly glance at him as you're turning around. If he's turned around looking at the object that you were looking at, then he probably was looking at you.

- This may be a little tricky to find out, but if his eyes are dilated, that could mean that he's attracted to you.
- Look at him too, & if he looks back, smile. How does he react? Does he smile back & blush? Depending on whether he has a positive or negative reaction, he could be interested in you.
- Don't look at him too often. You probably still aren't 100% sure if he likes you yet, & there still might be a chance he doesn't like you back. If you look at him every 3 seconds, & he doesn't like you, then he could be a little freaked out.

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