Prompt #35

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                Prompt: How did Matt and Elena meet please this is for my soft heart

                A.N.- Elena and Matt are Brennan's parents for anyone who forgot!


                Elena Edwards couldn't decide if she wanted to get blackout drunk, or go home and cry, or get blackout drunk and then go home and cry.

                Currently, she was working on the first one.

                She had her second drink of the night in her hand, impatiently waiting for the first to kick in. She'd thought she'd poured enough vodka in it, but so far, she just felt annoyed instead of intoxicated.

                The party was alive around her, college students drinking and dancing and playing beer pong. Some were making out in the corners of the kitchen, while others huddled in groups to laugh too loudly. Elena spotted some of her friends cheering on a guy from her history class shotgunning a beer.

                She turned away from them and grew angrier as she felt her eyes water. They'd brought her here to help cheer her up, but this was bullshit and she just felt worse.

                She walked into a darker, quieter corner of the loud house as a tear leaked down her cheek. She took a large swig of her drink, and wished she'd put more vodka in it.

                "Um...excuse me?"

                She looked to where the timid voice had come from. A boy sat on the floor, a beer in his hands. He was watching her with a nervous frown.

                "Are you okay?" he asked.

                "I'm fine. I'm having the time of my fucking life," she snapped.

                He flinched back a little. "But you're crying."

                "Thanks, I hadn't noticed," she said, and wiped the tears away with her sleeve.

                The boy fidgeted with his beer, looking down at it. "So, uh, are you? Okay, I mean?"

                "What do you care?" she said.

                He looked confused. "Well, were crying. So I just..."

                She sat down across from him. "Why are you sitting alone in the corner? You look like a loser."

                He dropped his gaze again. "I don't like parties. My friends said it would be fun." He looked around and lowered his voice. "I'm not having fun."

                The earned a surprised laugh out of Elena, tangled with the sob she'd been choking back. Tears came to her eyes again, and the boy looked frightened.

                "Did I say something wrong?" he asked.

                "No." She shook her head and raked a hand through her hair, and lowered her voice. "I'm not having fun either."

                "Oh." He glanced at her drink. "I hope that's not the punch. You shouldn't drink the punch."

                "It's not the punch," Elena said.

                "They gave me this beer so I wouldn't look so lame," he said, holding it up helplessly. "I don't even like beer."

                "Try mine," she said, passing it to him.

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