Chapter 11

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Will and Terra walked out of the community center toward his truck. He picked up three boxes from the back and gave one to Terra to carry.

Terra grinned. "Ginny is, shall we say, unique. I like her. I have to know though, does she have a husband or boyfriend?"

Will shook his head. "No husband ever. But lots of boyfriends, although not so much lately. She used to go through men like napkins at a pig roast. I am not sure, but I think there have been a few girlfriends too. Really don't want to know what all goes on behind her closed bedroom door." He turned to Terra. "I think I am going to have to keep you away from her. She could be a bad influence."

Terra laughed out loud. "I definitely want spend to some time with her now!"

Will turned serious. "She gives me a hard time, and I return the favor, but she was there for me after my parents died. I might have wasted away if not for her." The smile came back. "And look at me now. A successful, but still a clueless man."

They rounded the brick and stone sided school building and found the front door. "Here we are."

As they entered the administration office and put down the boxes he carried, a young woman in a short black skirt ran up to him and gave him a hug. Her heavy makeup and carefully styled long blonde hair seemed a bit more appropriate for a night club than the school office. She pulled back from the hug, but only slightly, staying close with her hands on his arms and her eyes looking up into his.

She purred, "Oh Will, it is so good to see you. I've missed you so."

Terra shook her head. Can she be any more obvious?

Will replied. "Umm, hi Starr. Here are the supplies you wanted." He took the other box from Terra. "And we have some books for the classroom."

A short middle-aged woman with streaks of gray in her brown hair came out from an inner office. She smiled warmly and gave Will a hug.

Does everyone around here hug?

"Thank you so much! Moya and the kids will be happy to see you again."

Will motioned Terra over beside him. "Terra this is Starr, the school administrative assistant, and Emma, the principal."

Terra dipped her head. "Pleased to meet you both."

Emma shook her hand warmly. Terra held back a grin at Starr's icy nod.

As Will and Terra walked down the hallway. He carried one of the boxes.  Terra grinned as she put her hand on his arm and in a mocking shrill voice said, "Oh, Will!"

His head tilted to the side. "Huh?"

"Starr. I think she wants you."

He shrugged. "She has always been friendly."

Terra dropped her chin and spoke with a playful tone. "Will, she was in full flirt mode! Didn't you notice that?"

Will shrugged again as they reached the classroom door. Terra peeked in to see about twenty young children, probably six to ten years old, with heads down completing some sort of writing task before them. Moya, the teacher per the name placard on the door, sat in the front of the room and watched her students intently. Will knocked softly to catch Moya's attention and walked into the room. The principal came up behind them.

All at once several shouts of "Mr. Sall!" rang out and the children rushed him. Will fell backward and became overwhelmed, falling to the floor in the center of a writhing mass of kids. Moya rolled her eyes with a sigh. The classroom discipline she worked so hard for was gone in an instant, Terra surmised. However, the smile on her face indicated that she did not mind so much. Terra leaned against the door frame trying hard to suppress laughter.

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