Chapter 26.

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A woman with rainbow colored hair was on a hospital bed. Her wife holding her hand and trying not to cry. How had they ended up in this situation? It had all happened too fast.
~Flashback ~
It was supposed to be a normal day. Applejack called her wife who was currently getting off work . The storm outside was getting worse by the moment. The two teenagers in the living room were watching a show and expecting their mother. The second Rainbow Dash picked up the phone Applejack started talking. " Dash! The weather's gettin' worse by the minute! Where are ya? "
" Relax Aj ! I'm fine! It's nothing i can't deal with." " Ya sure? " " Yes don't worry about me!" " If ya say so ... Just get home in one piece. Be careful." " Yeah yeah. I'll be there soon. " After they said their goodbyes the lady with golden hair heard the all too familiar sound of beeping from her phone meaning her wife had hang up. She sighed and put the phone down. She joined the kids in the living room as she couldn't help but worry. While this was happening  Rainbow Dash was trying to see through all the show. The road was a blur. Suddenly she saw a light coming from front of her. She soon realized that it was a larger car and was out of control coming towards her. Her eyes widened but it was too late to turn away. The car slammed right on hers. Pieces of glass flew around as the pain of her new injuries mixed with the pain of the sudden cold weather she felt. All she could see were smoke and snow. Nothing else. She started to get dizzy as she slowly closed her eyes.
~End of Flashback ~
She had woken up a few minutes ago and was really weak. Everyone knew she didn't have much time yet they couldn't bring themselves to believe it. She had tears in her eyes as she smiled weakly at her wife. Her wife could no longer hold her tears. The two girls came in to see their parents . The rushed to their moms side. She smiled at the sight of them . " I always tought i would see you two  graduate, fall in love, get married and give me the greatest of grandchildren. Guess i'll have to miss them huh? " she laughed while the kids had painful expressions. She then turned back at her wife. The beeps of the machine getting faster. " Applejack. I'm sorry. I should've listened to you. " " It wasn't yer fault. All ah want from ya  is for ya to get through this alive !" " I don"t think thats in my power . I love you all. Don't forget about me ok?" She started to close her eyes no longer hearing the family's shouts.
The last thing she saw were her emerald eyes.
The End

Well i guess that's it. This was shit so i figured why not end it. Hope you liked it. I'll have a 2 week holiday in a fey days. I'm thinking of making a new AppleDash book then. I hope you enjoyed this. Thank you so fucking much for all the reads and votes. They mean a lot to me. The Christmas special was sadly accidentally deleted and i think it's too late to write a new one. Oh well. I hope you had a good time reading this poor excuse of a book. See you on another book! Bye!

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