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"So is the as nasty as they say?""Yeah, that was a 's Blade from the . So what's their game?""I've got to get out of this Tower and back out there.""Ugh, should be out there myself.""I need to know what happened on that moon.""Plenty of those.""Evenin'""Hey how about you stand here and do my job? I'll go out there and do yours. Which is stand around.""Not a library. Move along.""Ok stop, wait... go back... go back... ok.""Yeah you're real sweet and all, but get out of here.""Hey you wanna pull up a chair? Get a drink? ...I'm being sarcastic.""Psst. Hey, Guardian. Wake Up." - if idling too long nearby"Alright, I'll be right here...like it or not." - When the Guardian exits Cayde-6's inventory. "Hey, uh..." *whispers* "Take me with you.""Okay, , check. Roguish commander, check. And then we have the Guardian, my greatest success story. I'd say we're ready to get this done!""What? And the Flux Grenades didn't activate? Man, I gotta get out of this Tower.""Yeah, I'll bet be constrained with terrestrial bullets."

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