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[Not edited, so if theres any spelling mistakes, I'm sorry]

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[Not edited, so if theres any spelling mistakes, I'm sorry]

    WHILE THE PAST FEW DAYS HAS BEEN A GOOD WEEK, NOW, HE WAS FEELING Sort of ill. He would get random migraines, and aching pain from different parts of his body. He tried to get a proper consult from Doctor Hero, but the man has personal problems.

And Caprico? Caprico was getting slightly distant lately, spending his time much more with another group of people. If Jazeon would say that it didn't bother him at all, he would be lying, he was really bothered about it honestly.

But the migraines and the seemingly endless pains took his mind off the topic about Caprico. Jazeon felt like an old person who was getting sick, it isn't an accurate description but that's just how he felt at the moment.

Jazeon thought the drama about headaches and pains were over, but it seems as it has only began. Jazeon haven't seen Kurt for a while now, which was such a relief since he already has enough in his plate lately.

And Sirius Black? Oh don't get him started, the idea of the seemingly god beauty boy has never failed to cross his mind. But Jazeon never thought himself to be attracted to the same gender as his, he usually finds other males just attractive in a straight way.

And the straight pole Jazeon has seems to be slowly bending as the certain black came to his mind. But Jazeon shook his thoughts dismissively, not wanting his migraine to go further.

"I'm starting to worry." Regulus started as they sat at the library, Jazeon was sitting slightly slouched with his elbow rested on the table and having his head rest down his hand.

Jazeon was tired, he felt like he just wanted a good nap but the mind and thoughts of his just ruined all the idea. The topic of nightmares or night terrors ruined his sleep agenda he should be improving on, and his level on it was also decreasing.

"Worry 'bout what?" Jazeon questioned with no sense of effort or half a conscious manner. He has light eyebags under his usual piercing blue grey eyes, his face screamed tiredness all around.

"You." Regulus responded cooly, closing the book he was reviewing and turned to face Jazeon. "Were you even listening to Whatever I told you earlier?" Regulus asked, raising a brow at the blonde boy.

"You want me to answer honestly?" Jazeon asked, Regulus nodded, Jazeon sighed in response and pinched the bridge of his nose warrily. "Nope. Didn't hear a single word." Jazeon said quitely.

Regulus sighed as he runs his fingers through his formal black hair.

"You should get off this state you are in the moment, Jaze. You know Exams are approaching." Regulus said, His face morphed into a tired smile. "And you, you know OWLS are going to be the topic real soon, why do you act so lazy?"

"I'm just tired and all. Didn't even get a good sleep." Jazeon replied, Regulus pushed the 4th year books towards Jazeon who stared at the books with such tiredness.

"Here, I'm doing you a favor, you want a good life? You have to complete school with flying colors." Regulus said almost as serious as he could be. (No pun intended).

"Flying colors? But I'm not a unicorn." Jazeon joked, Regulus scoffed at Jazeon's joke. It would have made Regulus laugh if only it wasn't a comeback to his own words.

"Shut up." Regulus grumbled, Jazeon chuckled, despite the migraine he was having, it was slowly fading away.

"I brought you these books, everything you need in the exam is there, read it." Regulus told strictly as he pointed his finger to the pile of books infront of Jazeon.

"And what if I don't?" Jazeon asked competetively joking. Regulus' face was serious, but if Jazeon didn't know Regulus so much, he would have believed that face, but Jazeon knew Regulus too much.

"You fail your exams and you end up homeless." Regulus said casually, Jazeon groaned in response as he buried his face into his hands.

Jazeon hastily grabbed the first book that was on the toppest of the pile of books and opened the first page.

"Transfiguration, 452 pages. Seriously Reg, are you trying to kill me? I can't finish a book this long with a migraine." Jazeon said incredulously, Regulus merely shrugged his shoulders in response.

"Well, Most students your year marked the important things with this muggle thing called 'High Lighter', You won't have a problem." Regulus told, Jazeon just wanted to jump into the nearest bed and sleep, But he couldn't.

"I can't possibly read 10 books with over 400 pages." Jazeon said in an exclaiming manner. Regulus didn't really have much mind to it, he was just busy reading his own book and writing out notes.

"Yeah sure, whatever." Regulus mumbled as he wrote a few things in his notes.

"I'm gonna go, I need my sleep." Jazeon said, standing up. It took time for him to decide such an easy question for himself.

He walked along the halls with a tired expression, but he never failed to let his back be straight. And because of his sleepy and tired state, he didn't notice Sirius Black walking along the halls.

"Veller!" Jazeon heard Sirius call out, Jazeon turned around, mostly surprised to see the marauders he managed to be truce with.

"Oh, Black, I was just on my way to my dorm." Jazeon said, trying to be casual around the boy he has been thinking about a lot lately.

"Oh, I'm on my way to the Hospital Wing honestly, Its not too far from the Slytherin common room, I think I should accompany you." Sirius offered, Jazeon shook his head, not because he didn't like Sirius, it was because he was afraid to embarass himself infront of him.

"Oh, well. It would take much time to arrive in your destination, I would be a distraction." Jazeon said, Trying to reason with the black haired boy. But Sirius had none of it as he waved his hand dismissively.

"Oh nonsense. I insist — I haven't spoken to you in while since Hogsmede." Sirius said, Putting an arm around Jazeon as he pulled him to walk with him.

Sirius observed his features, Jazeon look tired, seems as he didn't get a good night sleep. But Sirius didn't question it, Jazeon still looked handsome to Sirius.

Jazeon was actually starting to feel awkward. Sirius Freaking Black just put an arm around his shoulders like an old friend, While Jazeon couldn't decide if he has feelings for the boy or if it was just an attraction, he pushed those thoughts away while around the boy himself.

"If I may ask, Why are you going to the Hospital Wing?" Jazeon decided to question, to break the ice of silence.

"Oh, well Remus and James got injured by jumping off a tree, Peter only got a scratch, while I was not there because I was somewhere else." Sirius said on point, Jazeon nodded, he was confused on why James, Remus, and Peter would jump off a tree.

And why were they up there in the first place? Jazeon didn't question Sirius that, figuring it was their own business to deal with.

"Oh look, The hospital wing, And the Slytherin passage way in a few minutes of walk." Jazeon said, Wanting to escape this awkward encounter. Sirius smiled, a charming one that made Jazeon melt for a second.

"Oh there it is. We should talk more often, Veller." Sirius said as he walked away and towards the hospital wing, Winking at Jazeon.

As soon as Sirius was out of sight, Jazeon walked his way to the Slytherin common room feeling himself blushing. What was wrong with him?

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