How he askes you out

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Leondre- You and your bestfriend Leondre were sitting in your room. You were sitting on your bed whilst he was sitting on the floor. He had been quiet all day and you wanted to know why. "Hey Leo are you ok?" you said with abit of concern in your voice. "Yeah, just thinking" he said whilst staring at your plain pink wall. "Thinking about what?" you asked whilst sliding down to the floor next to him. "I was just thinking about how to ask this beautiful girl out" he said whist turning to face you. You started to feel abit sad because you had always loved Leo more than friends but knew he never felt the same way. "Maybe you should just ask her straight, but try not to presure her into giving you an answer" you said whilst putting on a fake smile."Ok then i will...oh and y/n, can i ask a question" he said whilst leaning closer to you. You never took much notice and just nodded. "I have always loved you y/n, much more than a bestfriend, and i always hoped you would to, and now im going to find out...y/n will you go out with me?" he asked. You were to shocked to speak. Was he joking? Did he really feel this way? After what seemed ljke 1hour he finally spoke. "Im sorry y/n, i should have never asked you, i get it you dont love me in that way and i understan-" before he could finish you gave him a kiss on the lips. "Is that a good enough answer for you" you said with a smirk on your face. He just smiled and kissed the top of your head. "I love you y/n" he said whilst pulling you in for a cuddle. "I love you more leondre" you said whilst resting your head on his shoulder. "Not possible" he whispered before both of you fell asleep with huge smiles on your faces.

Charlie- You, Charlie and afew of your close mates were sitting in a circle playing truth or dare. It was Charlies turn and he had picked truth. "Ok Charlie, do you love y/n?" one of your friends asked. "Of coarse i do, shes my bestfriend" he answered. "No i mean more than friends". It all went quiet before Charlie spoke "Actually, now that i think about it,

I actually do love y/n more than friends". Did he just say he loved you? You had always loved him but never thought he loved you back. Everyone was staring at you waiting for your reply. You must have been taking forever because Charlie started to stand up and walk away. You immediatly started chasing after him calling his name. When he heard you he turned around. You were inches away from each others faces. All of a sudden he leaned in and kissed you. You started kissing back. Before everything for heated he pulled away. "Y/n will you go out with me" he said staring directly into your eyes. "You dont know how long ive been waiting for you to say that" you said whilst leaning in and kissing him again. You were both smiling in the kiss. When you both pulled apart you heard a bunch of cheers coming from behind you. Once you realised that everyone was still there your face went a bright red as your buried it in Charlies chest, but you couldnt help smiling at the thought of you and Charlie actually being a couple.

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