Chapter Twenty Two

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The walk back to the cabin gave me enough time to think things through and decide how I wanted to approach things with Madison.

In the end, I figured I would keep it to myself for now as I tried to find out for myself what she was hiding.

I pushed the door to our cabin open and walked into the welcoming warmth.

"You found it?" Isobel asked, not looking my way as she rummaged through her things.

"Yeah, it was right where I left it." I shrugged off my coat and heard her sigh in frustration. "What are you looking for?"

"My bikini. I have no idea where I put it." She looked up for a moment. "We agreed to meet up in 15 to check out the hot tubs. We've still got a few hours till dinner."

I nodded, ignoring how my mouth went dry and my heart gave a jolt at the thought of Isobel in a bikini.

She cheered happily, finally finding what she was looking for. She raised the small scrap of black material. "Finally. I was starting to think I had forgotten it at home."

"I almost did. I only remembered to pack mine at the last moment." I told her, and walked over to look for my own one.

She laughed and disappeared into the bathroom to put it on underneath her clothes.

I pulled out my baby blue bikini. It had more of a low cut sports bra kind of top with regular bikini bottoms because I wasn't confident enough to wear a revealing bikini. I liked it though, it was cute.

I packed it into my backpack and decided I'd put it on when we got there. Isobel came out a few minutes later and we were off to meet up with the rest next to the boys' cabin.

"I'm so ready to take a nice, relaxing hot bath." She said dreamily as we walked.

I nodded in agreement. "Right? I feel like my bones have frozen up completely since we got here."

She chuckled. "Yeah. I think this is the coldest weather I've ever been in, actually."

"Wait, really?" I drawled sarcastically, raising an eyebrow at her. "You've never been in zero degrees weather before?"

She shoved my shoulder lightly, letting out a laugh. "You know what I mean!"

We made it to the boys' cabin but no one was waiting outside so we skipped up the steps and knocked on their door.

Charlie opened the door and ushered us in. Grayson was no where to be found.

"Gray is taking forever in the bathroom." He offered as an explanation.

We nodded and took a seat on one of the beds. The cabin looked exactly like ours to the very last detail, and if it weren't for the absolute mess and clothes strewn everywhere, I could have believed this was ours.

A knock sounded on the door a few moments later, and Isobel and I exchanged a curious glance.

Charlie marched over to open the door again, and was faced with Madison and Claudia.

"You aren't ready? We're supposed to be on our way by now!"

"Calm down, Mads. As soon as Gray is finished up in the bathroom, we'll get going." Charlie reassured her.

They both came in and sat on the opposite bed. Madison leaned forward. "We stopped by your cabin too, and figured you were here when no one answered."

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