Bonus Chapter

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Demyan Point of View

"Do you love me?" I heard sniffling and I immediately looked down to find her crying.

Uh, what kind of question is that? Suddenly? In such situation!

"Of course I love you. That is why we are having kids." I said nonchalantly when I noticed her sniffle more and used my sweater sleeves to clean her tears and snot from her nose which I tried to ignore.

I may not tell her the whole 'I love you with my whole heart, mind and soul' speeches but isn't it clear that I'm still there with her, for her, by her side only because I have love for her.

Even though I cannot leave her by my own will, I can choose to avoid her and have flings to satisfy my needs but I'm still with her and having kids with her means I love her and I care for her.

It need not need words to tell the obvious.

"I love you toooooo, ARGH!" She yelled in pain and clutched her stomach. The nurse is still looking at the monitor saying that it still takes some time for her to dilate completely.

Right now, I'm standing near scarecrow's bed while she is struggling to deliver our first baby. It's been two years in marriage with her and to say she changed her mind-set is a foolish statement. Zinnia is still the same mental girl we ever know.

Not to mention the whole seven months of pregnancy has been the hardest time on my part. I read in books that usually pregnant women crave unusual stuff to eat but to my dismay, Zinnia's craving is what you call the definition of unusual.

The early trimester of the pregnant was tough for her due to serious morning sickness. I was so worried for her and the baby when she almost vomited everything she took in. We visited many doctors to cure it but none of their medicines could control it.

Guess what controlled her nauseousness?

Gun powder!

One day I was cleaning my favorite hand gun and Scarecrow ran into the bathroom to throw up. She was about to puke all the content in her stomach but stopped midway sniffing my hands. For a moment I didn't understand anything but then she started sniffing my gun too.

God! that was an awkward moment for me.

Who sniffs a gun and controls vomit?

Zinnia did.

That was when we discovered that the stinking ashy gun powder was her cure. Not only that, her food preference was weird too. She loved to eat baby food like cerelac and Cerber. She loved to dip her pizza in it and eat which is even weirder.

I sighed and sighed and sighed whenever she paired baby food with everything she ate. Out of curiosity, I once tasted a sandwich with Cerber fruits and nuts flavor and God was it awful.

That was definitely not anyone sane taste. Heaven knows what kind of baby would come out of all the experiment she did.

"Mr. Monk, please go out." Zinnia brought me out of my thinking state and yelled on the top of her lungs when another contraction hit her.

Though she was a pain in my as*, I still cannot see her in such pain.

"What? Why?" I asked her leaning towards her and wiping the sweat that was forming on her forehead. She must be in lot of pain for her eyes to turn so red.

"Though I am the one who is going though labor, I can tell that you are in more pain than me. You cannot watch the delivery, Dem. You might cry when I cry. So leave." She said in between heaves and sobs.

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