Love is Blind Sometimes...Literally.

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everyone needs a nice little cliche' story everyonce in a while. ~*~

I listened to the girls bustling around and squealing as they got their clothes ready for the mating ceremony and bowed my head, letting my hair fall and cover my face so no one would notice the tear traveling down my cheek.

No one, except of course, my best friend, Cammie. I heard her jog up and she slapped my shoulder. "Lena! Why are you crying!?!" Here comes the blow to the head. I bit my lip. "I, um...I'm not going."


I sighed, resisting the urge to cover my ears. "It's not the end of the world, Cammie. Besides, the most important day of my life was when I was born."

"Don't you get smart with me young lady!"

I smiled a little. "I'm not getting smart, I just want to stay home."

"Homebody." She muttered. She tugged my hand a little. "Lena, what if there's some poor, lonely male out there that you're leaving alone becuase of your own homebody habits?"

I shook my head. "There's no one out there for me. You can bet on that."

She sighed heavily. "Lena, what you can and can't do doesn't have anything to do with whether someone'll love you or not."

I didn't answer. "I'll be at my house, if you need me," I muttered. Knowing the pack house like the back of my hand, I easily manuvered around the place, grabbing my jacket from the coat rack and shrugging it on. I waved a quick bye and opened the door, walking out to the cool night air.

I stuck my hands in the pockets of my brother's old jacket and walked up to the street, listening for cars for a moment then crossing it. I walked up my driveway, feeling the familiar gravel beneath my sneakers and pulled my key from around my neck, unlocking my door.

"Mom, dad?" I called. No answer. They must've already left for the mating ceremony.

There was two pats to the ceremony. The first occured at night, during the dull moon. Teenagers ranging fron fifteen to twenty years old from different, allianced packs came together and found each other. They then went about their business to 'get to know each other', then, a few hours later, with some unspoken agreement, they come together in the grove and howl to the moon arund the fire. My father was beta alongside my mother, who was giddy with the thought of me getting a mate ever since I turned five.

That was before the accident.

Realizing that I was just standing there, I hit my forehead with my hand and walked to the kitchen, keeping my jacket on and reaching into the freezer. I dug around a little before my fingers finally closed around the hot pocket box.

I have a thing for microwable foods.

I sniffed the package a little. Cheesy. Perfect.

Popping two into the microwave, I threw the box and wrappers away and waited, drumming my fingers on the counter.

The microwave dinged and I smiled happily, pressing the button and reaching for he plate. I dropped it quickly. Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot.

My wolf, who had been giving me the silent treatment all this time, smirked inside of me. 'Haha.'

"Oh be quiet." I snapped.

She laughed. 'I think it's karma.'

"You're a wolf. You can't believe in karma."

'Says who?'

"Says me."

I felt around for the plate and carefully touched it. It was cool. Picking it up, I made sure to carefully navigate to the livingroom, reaching for the remote control but finding nothing.

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