25. Bring out the Beast

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The days after the battle and the formation of The Seven went by with Athena overseeing the inducted rogues' training and the preparations for her formal coronation, which she awaited with dread.

According to Ryder, "All Royals of the other kingdoms would not be coming as they have matters to attend to, but they will be sending representatives as sign of good faith. On the other hand, the seven will be present, along with many of their pack members as well. A coronation is not something people would want to miss."

Ryder was with Athena at all times like her shadow and advisor as he promised he would be.

Athena stood to the side of the training grounds, observing the Head of Arms' training the thirteen Rouges when Ryder spoke up,"I have received word that your family will be here in time for the coronation."

"Good. I need to get them ready in a week's time then." she said, nodding at the group on the field. "As much as I would have loved to see my father beat the living hell out of them, we have things we need to work on, like the wolfing- out that has been happening to me, which I really need to thank you for giving me a heads up, Ryder."

Ryder cringed. "I'm sorry about that. Yes, we need to work on that and our bond, which we will focus on during the week as well."

"Hmm." Athena walked towards the Master of Arm's, a large man with a well defined body from the years of training and leading the soldiers with a mop of brown hair which he didn't really care to put down, and tapped his shoulder.

"Your Highness." He said, bowing.

"I would like to have a go, Lyle" His eyes widened on hearing this.

"Your highness..." he started, ready to say anything to let her know it was not a great idea.

She lifted her hand and stopped him. "I would like to see how far they have come."

Nodding, he stepped back while Athena stepped into the makeshift ring made by the all the rogues standing in a circle. Looking around, she shouted, "Come at me!"

But no one moved. Everyone looked at her as if she had gone crazy.

Rolling her eyes, she proceeded to taunt them. "Are you all scared of a little girl?"

"When the little girl is our Queen, we are not afraid, but we do not want to hurt you, Your Highness." Byron spoke up.

A laugh rang out. "I've been watching the lot of you. I am sure that none of you will be able to do much, let alone hurt me,"

Growls echoed as some of the wolves felt hurt that their Queen didn't approve of them.

"You all fight like a bunch of pups. I am sure I can fight you with my eyes closed."

Something snapped in the thirteen rogues at that moment.

"You asked for it, Your Highness." Byron said as he moved back a step.

One of them ran towards her, and swung his fist towards her.

"You've left all your sides defenseless." she said as she dodged his blow and punched him below the ribs. As he staggered back, two more came at her from behind. Seeing them from the corner of her eye, she swung her leg for a kick aimed at the closest one. Her foot met its destination, but the second rogue swung another fist at her face, which she caught with her hand, twisting it and then proceeded to hit his face.

"Come on! Fight like you mean it, like your life and the lives of those you love depend on it! It may very well might if you keep playing about like this." Athena shouted.

A loud growl passed through the field. Looking towards the source, she saw Byron fuming and charging at her along with the rest of the rogues.

"That's it." Grinning, she welcomed his fury, dodging his blows only to send back a few punches and kicks of her own. She felt the beast in her dancing with every strike her hands lay and knew she had to end it soon, before she lost control over it again.

She reached back into her mind and gathered the memories of her father teaching them of the lethal spots to hurt but not kill. Nose, neck, under the ribs at the back. She kept repeating to herself as she went through them, one after the other.

Panting, she looked at the thirteen lying around her in pain or crouching in defeat. "Lyle, do you think you can get them in shape in time for the coronation?"

He nodded his reply.

"Good, because if you lot find it hard to defeat me, the person who will be completing your training will be a creature of your nightmares." She said chuckling.

"Get your asses to healers and get back here after. You got your asses beat into place now lets start the real training!" Lyle shouted as Athena walked back up to Ryder, rubbing the places where they had managed to land a hit.

"You did good." He said, nodding and grinning impishly.

"I almost lost control, Ryder. We can't wait until after the coronation. The beast wants blood, and a lot of it. I don't want any innocent blood on my hands just because you awoke this curse in me." she gritted out.

With every word she said, the grin slipped of his face while his eyes grew wide in horror. "You have every right to be angry. I will teach you immediately how to control the beast. Follow me, I will take you to where my father took yours to control his. But remember this, Athena. This isn't a curse. This is your inheritance."

He walked out of the Ground with Athena on his heels, taking them to a place deep inside the mountains, through a path she had not noticed before. After walking through the maze, they reached a clearing deep within, which should have been impossible in the first place, but Athena had learnt by now to stop questioning the unimaginable.

The little clearing that stood at the heart of the mountain was filled with the soft glow of illuminated rocks and plants, that gave the whole place a very ethereal feel. A rock that had been flattened and smoothened out sat in the middle of the cave.

"The elves and the fairies made this together, when they once lived together in harmony, eons ago. It is long forgotten now, but when the wolves made this mountain their home, they came across this place and decided it was better hidden than have the world know of this treasure. We Alliants use it now to find our inner animals. Humans too have animals within them, but those have been tamed over the generations and lay dormant throughout their lives. Us, on the other hand, our animals awaken at a certain age, and from then on, we strive to do what our instincts demand of us."

Athena listened as she walked around the cave, inspecting the rock and the plants around it."Your father and his father before him came down here to awaken their animals as it never awakened completely like it did for the rest of us. This is what set your blood apart, Athena, because once their beasts completely awakened, there was no stopping them. Controlling this beast of yours will be the hardest thing you will ever learn, but once you master the beast, you will wonder how you lived life without it."

"Sit on the rock, Athena. Close your eyes and feel for the beast in your mind. Welcome it and set your rules. It will first want something from you. Find out what that is. We are a people of violence and blood, your beast will want no less."

Shivers ran down her spine as she sat on the rock and closed her eyes, searching for the beast as Ryder told her to. As she fell deep into the pool pf her mind, all that was left was her conscience and the whispers that Ryder left behind.

"Bring out the beast."

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