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Weeks had passed and their routine didn't change.

Lisa wakes Jennie, go to school fetch Chaeng and the day will just end evetualy.

But today's event is different, they call this as Sports month. They will be playing with other school.

YGS (Young Generation School) always got the second place when it comes to this activity tho they excel in almost all things, what they can't get is the spot of being number one in sports.

Today they will tryout for womans basketball team,

Jennie is in charge of the tryout tho they have a sports club, she want to be active in supporting the school spirit.

" Lisa, meet me at the gym before 8:30 " she said before entering her car.

Lisa then nod and proceed.

- at the Gym.

" Unnie " Lisa called Jennie but the other failed to notice, instead.

" Lisayaaa! You're here for the tryout? Wow " Chaeng said smiling widly.

" Tryout? " She asked confused.

Jennie then face them after hearing their noise.

" Good thing you're here, here. Change " Jennie hand Lisa a jersey uniform.

" Sorry, but what is this for?" She asked confused.

Jennie was about to answer when a ball flew its way to Lisa, luckily she has her senses.

" Wow. Nice, you play basketball? " Jisoo asked looking at Lisa challengingly.

Lisa on the other hand didn't notice Jisoo's face.

" No " she said shortlt and face Jennie again.

" This is too loose "

" It's fine Li- "

" You can use mine instead " Chaeng offered shyly.

" Okay. Lead the way "  Lisa and Chaeng then left the other two.

" I hate your bodyguard".  Jisoo.

" I hate your crush " Jennie.


Lisa is now insde the court warming up, this is not the first timetheywill have a tryout, but this is the first time that their Gym became full because of Lisa.

They are not sure if she plays well but her looks made her gain lots of fans. Too much for a bodyguard eyy.

Jisoo is in the other team, she's the team captain since last year and she has fans too, lots of them.

Jennie blow her whistle like a missile (bomb,bomb. Jk. Hahaha)
The referre throws the ball on the air for a jump ball,

Everyone is expecting Lisa to get it but then she just stood up their and let Jisoo touch it.

Jisoo felt happy thinking she got it all,

They are now on Jisoo's court, it was an intense defense for first quarter.

Jennie sitting on the corner felt disappointed after seeing Lisa who is like not playing in the court, like her presence doesn't exist.

On the other hand, Lisa made her plan worked. She became like no one in court, she's trying not to gain attention inside the game so she can move freely which...

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