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i've been keeping a secret from you guys

what is it?

what happened junnie?

ew- okay i've been taking antidepressants and medications for my anxiety and the doctor gave me more and i'm scared to take them because i have like 10 already

jun? how come you kept this from us?

because he's afraid he'll overdose so he came crying to his friends like the big ass baby he is.

i'm getting real tired of your bullshit.

'ringdingdong has kicked 'ctrlchangbin' out of the chat.'

why is he making you take all this medication?

dont tell me my best friend is going to overdose..

channie dont listen to that dumbfuck

you wont lose your best friend, i promise.



me and sehyoon hear donghun crying in the practice room..


what the fuck is that word-

junhee walked into the practice room and saw donghun crying just like the lovers said. he immediately felt a pang in his chest. he caused it. its his fault his bestest and closet 'friend' is crying.
he walked up to donghun, sitting a hand on his shoulder. he began to tear up but he quickly blinked so they would go back in his fucking eyes.
"i'm sorry. i should've kept it a secret still. i made you upset. i understand if you want to treat me differently aft-"
"junhee you idiot. im glad you told us and i definitely wont treat you differently than i already do now. im just crying because you did keep it a secret."
junhee looked down and began messing with his hands in his lap.
he felt guilty.
"stand up"
donghun did as he was told and stood up. junhee also got up and walked closer towards donghun.
he kept looking at the sweating, but crying boy, up and down. donghun laughed "how do i look?" "gross" donghun pouted as that was not the answer they wanted to receive. junhee smiled and instead said, "you actually look really hot" donghuns eyes lit up "really?" junhee looked all the way from his tight black jeans to his loose white see-through shirt. "really."
junhee walked closer and closed the gap between the two. their lips moved perfectly together. like they've been missing pieces. but of course, they already figured that out a long time ago.
junhee pulled away to breathe and donghun whined at the sudden loss of contact.
"i love you"
"i love you too"

"should we tell them now?"

kpopliveson 👀

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