49| i will love you endlessly [epilogue]

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"AH fuck!"

"You can do it babe, just a little longer."

"Oh my god!"

Taehyung's Luigi passed the digital finish line and came in first place. Taehyung throws his hands up in victory, turning to point at the couple with a shit eating grin , "You fucking thought!"

Jimin groans and flops back into Jungkook's chest, pouting adorably as he throws his controller onto the couch next to him. Jungkook chuckles and pulls Jimin closer, wrapping his arms around his mid section and grins against his ear as he watched Taehyung do an amazingly stupid victory dance around the apartment.

"Who's the fucking best at Mario Kart? Kim Taehyung, MD!"

"You'll win next time Min."

"You said t-that last time!" Jimin whines, sticking his tongue out at Taehyung when he gets the chance.

Taehyung flops back onto the couch and grins, "Up for another round?"

"No. Fuck you."


"Sorry Tae, I can't. The stars are calling my name."

"Fuck your stars. Come play some Kart."

"I gotta go, Taehyung."

"This is outrageous."

"I'll play a match with you when I get back, promise."

"If I had a nickel for every time you said that."

"You're so dramatic."

Taehyung goes to retaliate, getting as far as opening his mouth before his pager starts buzzing. Jimin giggles as he watched Taehyung flop back and scream loudly into a pillow while flailing his legs, "Someone's dying."

"Someone better be fucking dying for interrupting me during my Mario Kart bonding time with my best friend and his stupid fiancé."

"Hey!" Jungkook's voice sounded from the other room, his head popping out afterwards with a glare directed at Taehyung and a toothbrush sticking out of his foam surrounded mouth.

Taehyung grins and grabs his coat, dismissing his pager into his lab coat pocket. He tugs on his sneakers and then waves to the boys, blowing obnoxious kisses at them and then disappears behind the door after yelling, "Love you both! Bye!"

Jimin rolls his eyes and plays with the ring on his finger, eyes following Jungkook as he runs around the house picking up random astronomy books. Jimin pouts again, "A-Are you g-gonna be staying out late again?"

"I probably won't get back until four at best."

"The bed is c-cold without you, you know."

Jungkook smiles sadly and comes closer, waddling because he only has one shoe on. He bends down and kisses Jimin sweetly, holding it longer in hopes that it'll get his feelings across, "I'll be home before you know it, babe."

"I'm going to stay u-up and watch the clock."

"I think Taehyung's rubbing off on you."

"Don't compare me to that lunatic. I-I'm not the one that talks to medical supplies l-like they're people," Jimin grins jokingly.

"You're right, how dare I," Jungkook chuckles and tugs on his other shoe. He's got on the pair of black Gucci leather loafers Taehyung got him for Christmas and a white button up with little black sporadic polka dots on it that's tucked into his skinny jeans.

"I'll leave dinner in the fridge."

"Thank you, sweetheart," Jungkook smiles appreciatively.

"Oh! Don't forget t-tomorrow we have that party for Hoseok hyung. It's at seven, you took the day off right?"

"Of course. How could I miss his party?"

"You forgot Yoongi's concert, Jin's fashion show, and N-Namjoon's-"

"Okay, okay, okay! I promise you I will not forgot."

"You said that-"


"Sorry," Jimin sighs, "It just means a lot to Taehyung that you're there. W-We're his best friends, he wants us to show that we're supportive of the r-relationship."

"I know, don't worry," Jungkook assures him. He leans down and presses another kiss to Jimin's lips, "I gotta go or I'll be late. I love you."

"I love you too, be careful."

Jungkook nods. He pulls on a black blazers and grabs his keys and books, "I'll see you later."

Jimin nods sadly and watches as his fiancé's figure disappears behind the door. He sighs and wraps his arms around himself, the cream oversized sweater he bought so long ago doing little to keep him warm. There was a small pang of the loneliness that always liked to creep up on him when he was left at home.

He looks around the apartment they leased after Jimin and Taehyung graduated. It's a two bedroom, one bath apartment that's a total of just above three thousand square feet. Taehyung has his own bedroom, the smaller of the two, but he rarely uses it since he's usually on call. Jimin and Jungkook share the bigger bedroom. Their apartment has a lot of mismatched furniture and stupid little knick-knacks that all show off each residents personality.

Jimin stands up and walks towards his bedroom to take a nap, knowing he'll end up watching the clock and then pretending to be asleep when one of the boys come home. It's different every time, although usually Taehyung comes trudging into his room and makes sure to tuck him in before closing the door completely and after that Jungkook usually shows up an hour or so later. Jimin stops in the hallway, peering up at a blown up selfie they have framed on the wall.

The picture shows Taehyung in front with a boba tea straw in his mouth and he's wearing a hot pink lip tint in the center of his lip for an ombré effect. His hair was blond, indicating that the picture was taken in his senior year of college. Behind Taehyung is Jungkook, dressed in all black with newly died magenta hair. Picture Jungkook is smiling happily and he's got his own boba tea straw in his mouth, lips poured adorably. Jungkook's also giving Jimin a piggy back ride. Jimin himself has his own tea in one hand, and his other hand is holding Jungkook's. He's looking down at Jungkook in the picture, face half hidden behind Jungkook's hair, yet it can be seen that Jimin was in the process of placing a kiss on the spot behind Jungkook's ear that's ticklish.

Jimin smiles at the memory and slowly walks away from the picture. He falls onto his queen bed face down and pulls a big fluffy blanket around him. On the night stand is a selfie he took with Jungkook, and another one with Taehyung.

Jimin hugs a pillow and sighs, closing his eyes as sleep lulls him, and not for the first time he knows that they all turned out alright.



it's officially over! i'm really going to miss these characters. anyway, i am so unbelievably grateful to each and every one of you that stuck around for all the angst and the v slow burning of jikook. thank you all for supporting me for these few years! this book originally wasn't suppose to be this long, jimin was suppose to die (originally he was suppose to have cancer as well), but after all this time i just couldn't kill him off. so again, thank you for everything! and thank you to the readers that tuned in regularly! there's no better feeling than being able to recognize usernames and getting to know these individuals that come for every update, it really means a lot. this book has been my baby for the past 3 years and i'm very thankful that i've gotten to share the journey with you! once again, thank you! i love you all so very much!

- angelica x

p.s: there is still one more chapter, which is a chapter that's all in taehyung's pov and it shows his side of some of the chapters from this book as well as some new scenes! it'll be coming soon so if you're interested stay tuned

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