Chapter 3 - Why Give Up? Why Give In?

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Chapter 3-  Why give up? Why give in?

"Let's play a game..." That never sounded good, With a swig of rum and swing of his arm, Captain .K slid all objects from the table (I feel sorry for the one who has to clean it all up off the floor) and one by one the glasses, plates and tasty food fell to the floor.

 A bigger smirk formed on his face "We'll start nice and easy" he signalled for his chef to bring a big white round plate, and as he did so and set it on the table, You stared in Awe~ at the food there was a big steak some mashed potatoes and some cucumber salad it all looked so delicious and it was no kids meal, the chef served for a grown adult.

With that meal right in your face your mouth drooled and you felt the eager to just beat the crap out of The Captain and eat already! However you were to weak for that all that remained was to play his cruel games, He sat up straight more like a gentleman now....yeah "Gentle" Anyway his smirk never seemed to stop growing bigger it reminded you of that cat you were read in one of the books in the orphanage, there was a creepy cat with his creepy smile of course you forgot the name of the book by now.

Anyhow Captain. Kirkland proceeded to smirk as he leaned his back down to face you eye to eye "I've thought of the best game we can play, it's simple so you'll understand   but first of all I don't recall getting your name?" You stare confused 'I told him already did I not?....or was it Alistor...' you coughed your voice back, you haven't used it for a while "(N-name)" captain frowned "that names no good, it's too.......cute?" at that comment you frowned your brows 'What's wrong with my name?! it's fine!'

The captain must of noticed you were upset and smirked "Fine I won't change it but I think Shorty Suits you!" He laughs hysterically Your frown worsens 'Jerk I'm not short!' you started to punch his legs with your puffed up cheeks making a pouting face, of course that didn't do anything to him only made him annoyed so he flicked your forehead "Who do you think your attacking Shorty?" He was acting like one of those annoying older brothers.

All you did was look away from him "Hungry?" You glared at him as he chuckled "Okay the game is simple you have till afternoon to steal the food away from my hands then you can have as much as your stomach can take, sound good?" 'It sounds fairly easy...' you nodded your head slightly "Game!" He grinned taking the plate up to the Captains room, you looked at him as he walked away 'why is he making me do this? it confused you

(I know its slightly out of character now but I swear it'll all make sense).

9:45 attempt  1-

About an hour has passed since and you thought it was the perfect time to strike you quietly tip toed to the captains room and saw an opportunity a crew member just knocked on his door to tell him something.

You snuck up behind him as he opened the door the Captains attention was on him you slithered into his room as quietly as ever and hid under the bed, just as there conversation had ended 'Why?! how do I distract him now??' You slowly reached out of the bed and snuck up behind him as he was sitting by his desk with the food on it as he read a book.

And just as you reached your little hand for the food your stomach started to growl....Very Loudly! 'Darn It!' You reversed your arm back before he could see you, he chuckled whilst reading "Nice try Shorty, but I know what you're after" your cheeks puffed up and you walked out the door all moody.

10:58 attempt 2-

you quietly walked to the captains room where he was last seen, in between times you helped Allistor out with some chores but this time you could feel it you were going to succeed! You did not find the captain in his room but you found something better there was a plate on his desk with a silver cover on top, and he was no were to be seem!

 'he he he must of forgot by now' without thinking  twice you stepped over to the desk and reached for the lid, when you lifted the top you were shocked and disappointed there was nothing on the plate. suddenly you heard a reloading noise and something cold and metal touched the back of your head, you dared not to look behind you,

 suddenly the person behind you spoke up "You're so naive, you're going to get yourself easily killed" you recognised the voice, as the coldness of your head was gone he had retrieved his weapon and you had turned around to see the captain holding the half eaten plate in one hand and the loaded gun in his other, you were furious we by now not only it was almost noon but he ate half of your plate! you had enough!

"I can't!" You yelled catching the Captains attention "and why would that be?" he looked with a pissed of face " you know!" Your English was improving at least, he signed "that's because you're thinking about the prize not the obstacle!" After saying that he lead you out of his room.

Half an hour later you were standing by the edge of the ship, fresh air helped you calm down and think 'What did he mean by that...' Then it suddenly hit you like a brick "That's It!" you checked the time by borrowing Allistor's pocket watch It was 11:50 'No it's almost Noon!'

 you rushed over to the Dining room seeing as the captain was there with the plate that was still only half eaten, you crawled over to the kitchen and grabbed something shiny, slowly and carefully  you threw it far to the other side of the room, making sure it hit the wall, creating a loud 'ding' noise, when everyone's attention fell upon the metal spoon, you tiptoed your way to the Captain ,

 right behind him you wrapped your hands around his neck, extending the cooking knife you had taken from the kitchen and pressing the dull side of it against his neck you whispered into his ear "food..." a long moment of silence passed as everyone was now staring at you and the Captain.

Captains Laugh was what broke the silence "Hahaha~ you got me, nice trick" Without having to use any of his strength he pulled away your arms in a second, then he pulled his leather coat away to reach into his pocket and checked the time "You're lucky it's 11:59"

 You smiled as you dropped onto the floor smiling in victory you were knackered and starving, you couldn't help but close your eyes, Captain. Kirkland  was starring at you wide eyed as you dropped down and you could of swore he yelled your name as your vision and sound began to disperse but all you heard was a muffled sound before you passed out....

....So what do you think happened to you?

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