1st Imagine...

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*You are reading a book when Princeton walks in*

Princeton- Are you watching this?

You- *still reading book* Yeah, Princeton.

Princeton- *sits on couch and looks at t.v screen and starts to tap his foot*

You- *still glued to your book*

Princeton- *looks at you laughs and tries to grab remote but you grab his hand*What?

You- Don't you dare touch that remote, I like watching Bridezillas.

Princeton- You not even watching t.v you reading that book.

You- So?

Princeton- I'm turning it to sports *reaches for remote once more but you grab his hand again*

You- No!

Princeton- Let me watch t.v or your going to pay for it.

You- *laughs* What you gone do? Tickle me to death!

Princeton- I was going to do.....welll you but that sounds better

You- Princeton you better not!

Princeton- *starts to tickle your stomach!*

You- PRINCETON! *throws book and tries to leave*

Princeton- *continue tickling you until you fall off the couch*

You- Princeton!

Princeton- *Gets in her face* Told you, you was going to pay!

You- *rolls eyes and laugh*

Princeton- *sits on couch turns it to the sport channel, but the t.v goes out* What?

You- *laugh and holds the pluge to the t.v* Thats for making me lose my page Princeton!

Princeton- *looks at You and smiles* My Misfit.

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