How you met.

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P.S This is my first preference book by the way and sorry if there is any spelling mistakes.


Leondre- You were at the skate park with your friends when you saw a boy about your age getting beaten by a gang of older boys. You had never agreed with bullying but never tried to stop it either, but when you heard the crys of the boy you knew you had to help. You were quite short compared to the gang of boys but that didnt stop you. As soon as you reached them you saw the boy with blood trickling down his face. This just made you angry. "Hey what do you think your doing" you shouted to them, not caring that everyone near by was staring at you. "Oh its nothing little girl, why dont you go back to playing barbies and dress up" said the one boy and went to push you out the way. "If you touch me i will phone the police, actually if you touch me or that boy one more time i will be calling the police" i said with sass. He gave me a dirty look and started walking off, signaling for the rest of the boys to follow. Once they were out of sight i turned to the boy. "Are you ok? Your bleeding! Let me help you" you said whilst dragging him to your house which was just up the road to get him cleaned up. "Im fine honestly this happenes nearly everyday so ive kind of gotten used to it" he said, whispering the last part. "Oh and thankyou, no one has ever stuck up for me like that, my names Leondre by the way but you can call me Leo" he said making eye contact for the first time with me. "Leondre, thats a nice name, my names y/n but you can call me y/n/n" i said with a smile. Once we reached my house i cleaned his cuts up and we just talked for the rest of the day, getting to know each other.

Charlie- You were currently sitting in Biology daydreaming again when there was a loud knock on the door disturbing you from your thoughts. "Excuse me, are you Miss Brown" a boy asked. He was quite handsome and had some beautiful features such as his blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. "Why yes i am, you must be Charlie our new student, why come in" she said whilst signaling for him to come in. "Now where shall me seat you" she said whilst scanning the classroom, immediatly stopping on me. "Ahh Mr Lenehan why dont you take a seat next to y/n" she said. He started walking over to me and the butterflys in my belly started going crazy. He was even more handsome up close. "Hello...y/n is it?" he said with a small smile on his face "Hello and yes it is, so im guessing your names Charlie" i said acting dumb. Of coarse his name was Charlie, why else would Miss Brown call him that? "Yes it is, oh and by the way you have very beautiful eyes" he said making me blush. "Why thankyou but your eyes are to die for" i said, trying my best to not sound creepy. He just flashed me a smile and looked back at the teacher who was staring at us both. I guess we must have been talking quite loud. She just smiled at us before carrying on with the lesson. All day i couldnt stop thinking about Charlie, he was perfect. I think i may be falling for the new boy...

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