I watched as Niall walked off set, completely shocked and confused. He had never walked out in the middle of an interview, other than the interview where he left to go to Radio 1. I looked back to the stage where the other four members of One Direction, and the interviewer were staring at the place he had disappeared.

Louis locked eyes with me. The expression on his face, I'm sure, was the exact same one on mine.

'What just happened?' Lou mouthed to me. I opened my mouth to respond, but shrugged, and shook my head.

'I don't know.' I mouthed back. There was a loud shuffling noise, and then a high pitched squeal as Niall removed his microphone backstage. I jumped out of my seat, and hurried after him. I had to take a detour to avoid the cameras, but soon I was jogging down the hallways backstage looking for him.

"Niall!" I called as I spotted his retreating figure. "Niall, stop!" Without turning around, or saying anything to me, he kept walking. I took off running, catching up to him in not time. "Niall, what's wrong?" I asked, reaching his side. I grabbed his arm, trying to get him to stop. He jerked his arm from my grasp, and kept walking.


"Go away." He said.

"Wait. What?" I ran in front of him, and turned to face him. "What's wrong?"

"Leave me alone." He said, walking around me, without meeting my eyes. Shocked, I stopped in the hallway, and stared at his back as he walked away from me.

--Niall's P.O.V--

Normally, I would have felt bad about doing that to anyone, especially Amberlynn. My anger got the best, and I just couldn't help it. I walked away, fuming. How could she do that to me? How could he do that to me?

I shouldn't have gotten upset. I had Tess. She was great, but she was no Amberlynn. The whole reason I was with Tess was to get rid of my romantic feelings towards Amberlynn. We'd been dating for a while, and my feelings for Amber hadn't faded the tiniest bit. If anything, the small amount of feelings I had for Tess were fading, and I was desperate for that not to happen.

"Niall! Niall, wait up!" I heard my girlfriend calling my name. I kept walking choosing to ignore her, and probably everyone else. "Babe." She whined, latching onto my arm.

"Not now, Tess."

"What's wrong? What did I do?" Tess asked. I mentally rolled my eyes. That's all she ever did: whine, and think everything was about her.

"Nothing, Tess. I just feel ill. I'm going back to the hotel to rest."

"Oh! Alright then! I'll come with you." Her voice was high pitched as she chirped happily in my ear. I winced, and stopped walking, turning to face her.

"I just want some alone time. I've got a bit of a headache. I think I'm just going to sleep it off. I'll see you later, alright?" Without waiting for her to answer, I leaned down and kissed her forehead before walking away. I couldn't help but notice I didn't get butterflies like when I kissed Amberlynn's forehead.

I stuffed my hands into the pockets of my chinos, and walked with my head down. I hailed a cab, and went back to the hotel. I quickly packed all of my stuff because we were moving to the next city tonight.

I lay face down on the bed, and just thought about everything.

How could they do this to me?

How could I do this to myself?

--Amberlynn's P.O.V--

After I could no longer see Niall, I turned, and started to go back to the audience, or at least find the others. Tess came into view then. She scrunched up her face when she saw me, as if she saw something gross. I kept walking, choosing to ignore her, but she steppe din front of me. I tried going around her, but she blocked my way again. I looked up at her and sighed.

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