Chapter Eight - Uncovered Secrets

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Chapter Eight - Uncovered Secrets

POV - Chantelle

I sat there and cried.

At the side of the track, farthest away from the school while leaning on the chain link fence.

I felt so emotional and girly.

In reality it was probably because I was low on my medication since I'd forgotten to get the new dosage this morning.

It had been irresponsible of me to forget to wake up earlier this morning, but in my defense I hadn't planned on being cursed...

It felt like I was in a movie at that moment because I was sad and it started to rain lightly. The clouds covered the sky and blocked the once orange color of the sun setting.

Why had I been the one cursed? Why did I have to be the one fallowed around by an annoying stranger?

Though Xavier had tried to explain to the best of his ability, I had a hard time wrapping my head around it.

What had I said to make him appear?

He had told me that he was my protecter and servant. That I'd wished up his characteristics!

Like I'd believe him!

But if what he had said could possibly be true then what else had I unconsciously wished for?

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

"Its amusing to watch you cry." I hear someone laughing lightly to my left. "You weren't what everyone was expecting to get with the job."

I gasped quietly as I looked up at yet another stranger.

This guy looked straight out of a magazine, his eyes a piercing blue color while his hair was a pretty, natural blond. He had on a forest green v-neck and a black jacket with dark jeans.

The stranger looked at me timidly as he approach closer. As if he'd frighten me off with the slightest misstep.

His eyes curious and filled with wonder as his hair fell into his face. His long, slender fingers came closer to me and I could only stare at him as he touched my cheek with one of them.

Then he looked down to my neck and traced his fingers along the necklace hesitantly.

"You are the princess though." He said under his breath, taking back his hand.

He stood up and blushed. Looking me up and down before blushing harder this time, as if I could read his thoughts as I watched his careful actions.

"You're so lovely too." The guy stated, putting his hand over his mouth as if he couldn't believe he'd said that.

Well he's straight to the point now isn't he!? (Note the eye roll.)

" you?" I finally stuttered, sniffling because I'd been crying and appalled by his weird compliments.

The guy stared at me frowning. "Do you not agree with me that you are beautiful?" He asked sadly, putting his hands on his knees and bending toward me to get a closer look.

What in the world?

Who was this freak?

And why does he go around complimenting strangers?

"Well ... it's a nice thing to say." I replied, not knowing how to respond without seeming self centered.

"Then why didn't you thank me for the compliment?" He said, almost whining while looking upset.

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