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Sooyoung's hands gripped the steering wheel.

"Odd question, would you really like to know?"Sooyoung leaned over, whispering in Yerim's ear.

Yerim tensed up and shivered from the closeness of them both.

Sooyoung places a hand on Yerim's knee which slowly snakes up to her inner thigh. Yerim was frozen cold as she usually wasn't used to this type of contact.

Sooyoung smirked before removing her hand.

"You'll figure out soon I suppose,"Sooyoung Smiled to herself.

Yerim gulped. "Ah. Yes."


They reached the mall and walked inside. Nobody had noticed them yet.

They went inside a store to shop for Yerim. Sooyoung went straight for the more revealing clothes.

Sooyoung shoved a few crop tops and bralets in Yerims hands who quickly grabbed them.

Yerim looked down at the articles of clothing Sooyoung had chosen and blushed.

"You want me to wear these-? Aren't they too...revealing?"Yerim whispered in an embarrassed voice.

Sooyoung just chuckled.

"They'll look cute. Let's go to the food court. I wanna get you a surprise gift so you can stay there instead,"Sooyoung told her.

Yerim simply nodded before paying for the items and leaving to go to the food court.

They walked passed the pretzel stand before going to get dippin dots.

They sat down at a table and Sooyoung went to go to the shop.

Yerim sat alone uncomfortably as it was a bit awkward for her to be sitting alone eating dippin dots in a huge mall.

A man's shadow started to approach her before he sat down at her table.

Yerim jumped up a bit startled.

"Hey Yerim,"Jimin Smiled.

"Oh-hey Jimin!"Yerim quickly smiled back, happy that she knew somebody.

They talked for a bit before the name Park Jimin was loud enough for everybody to hear.

"Park Jimin? The prince!"People yelled, squealing as they ran towards the table.

"Who's that ugly rat with him?"One muttered.

Yerim lowered her head, almost about to cry before a hand reached for her arm.


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