Fade - Chapter 4

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And Ciel's 'normal' behavior returns; his heartless words... the cruel, endearing way he walks. The long nights spent in silence as the un-needed sleep dawns a new day. No words are spoken to address his sudden wave of human emotion that surfaces, only to be swept away as soon as it came into view. This tended to happen a lot: the quick and irregular change of heart from the boy, the weeks spent in utter heartlessness only to explode in a sudden, exasperated cry or nightmare... sometimes even a long, bruising kiss.

None are to know weather he young demon was putting on an act in the usual hours; faking satisfaction in nothingness. The demonic and supernatural worlds have little - if any - evidence regarding half-bloods like Ciel... Sebastian's knowledge extends only to know that his emotions being affected in this strange yet beautiful tidal wave, is purely result of Ciel's current situation. Sebastian wants only to protect his master; his vow to protect and serve until he consumed his soul still existing (even though Ciel no longer has a human soul)... yet the butler knows the former Earl could easily fall as opportune prey to canna-ballistic creatures. As long has Sebastian was around, there would be no need to worry.

There is a slight tapping at the door as Sebastian brings the boy his afternoon tea.

"My lord."


Sebastian steps inside the dark room, easily maneuvering over to the dark wood desk in the corner; it's face covered in decorative cracks filled in with shiny black paint that never seems to dry completely. He sets the blood red teacup onto the face of the desk, pouring the non-existent tea into the cup.

"Today we have a camomile tea with a hint of honey and lemon."

"Very well."

Ciel sips from the cup, a light smirk dancing across both of the creatures faces.


Ciel sets the cup down, looking off into the dusky sky outside his window.

"Yes, my lord?"

"I need to ask you about something."

Hits tone now serious, his expression becomes a stoic one.

"What is is, young master?"

"I seem to have to hide my human emotions quite often... too often, for my liking. I want to know why it is that even without a soul, or a mundane body, why do I still feel?"

"Well, my lord... you are a half-blood, so I suppose you'd be more vulnerable to emotions than a full-blooded creature might be. I, myself even feel emotion, as you know."

A pause.

"You're still getting used to becoming a demon, Ciel... you mustn't worry over slight things such as this. You may be more susceptible to such things, yet I would not worry myself over this."

Ciel's smirk returns.

So he has been putting on a show, to a certain extent... only for him to realize his bottled up emotions results in an explosion and escape of the said feelings. Ciel Phantomhive, in fact, did not feel that much more than a demon like Sebastian. He felt more, of course; his vulnerability of his human origins somewhat leaving him open to such things... but it was only a fraction... yet just a little push is all that's needed to isolate ones differences.

"I see."

Ciel understands, turning away in his chair, and blankly walking out onto the balcony of his new manor; surveying the dark grass swaying slightly.

"It's getting dark. Time to prepare my bath, Sebastian!"

He turns suddenly, his head held high as he motions for his servant to attend to his nightly duties.

Sebastian's lips turn up into a slight grin.

"Yes, my lord."

He bows.

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