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i paused the movie, glancing at david that was editing his new vlog. "why did you pause?" he asked without looking at the tv.

" i just like to watch you editing" i said making him smile.

"i'm not paying attention to the movie, sorry" he closed his laptop and put on the nightstand on his side. david laid down by my side and put me on top of his chest. "can i ask you something?" he said after a few minutes watching the movie. i nodded feeling him rubbing my hair. "are you still mad at me?"

"no, why would you think that?" i laughed.

"i don't know, i'm just making sure" he joined me. "i don't like when you're mad at me" david put his free hand on my face, rubbing my cheek. "and it only happened once or twice so... yeah" he giggled.

"you're so cute" i poked his face and then, widened my eyes, remembering something. "oh my god, i need to tell you something" i sat up to look at him properly.

"what?" he frowned his brow, leaning up on his elbows.

"so... remember that night when we made out in vernon hills?" he nodded. "well, that was my first kiss" i said blushing.

"oh yeah, i know that" he said simply.

"was it that bad?" i widened my eyes again.

"no" he laughed, pushing me back to lay down and rolled over me. "it was really good, ilya told me that it was your first kiss" he said pushing the hair off my face.

"i hate him" i rolled my eyes.

"me too" he rested one hand in my face again. "he interrupted us that other day" he whispered getting closer.

"david..." i whispered back, trying to stop him because i heard something outside.

"what?" he groaned, closing his eyes.

"i think... i think i heard something" i looked at my door.

"wait, what?" he frowned his brow getting up.

"i think it came from charlie's room" i stood up and went to opened the door quietly to get closer to her bedroom. after that, i heard charlie moaning. "oh my god, they're having sex!" i whispered to david, holding my laugh. "hey, charlie! we have a guest, can you stop moaning so loud?" i yell and quickly entered my room, laughing. "okay, can we please get out of here? that was disgusting"

"sure, virgin mary" he rolled his eyes while laughing. i shoved his shoulder before putting my shoes and he did the same. we grabbed our things and left my building.

david texted jason and drove to somewhere unknown by me. "hey, where are we going?" i frowned.

"to the apartment" he said making a turn. after more 10 minutes, we arrived. he entered the garage and parked. david put his arm around my shoulder and we went to the elevator.

"oh god" i exclaimed when we entered. "this apartment smells like weed" i mumbled and david laughed.

"wow, david, already with another girl?" dom smirked when we entered the living room, seeing dom, alex, seth, and one random girl.

"shut up dom" he took his arm off my shoulder. i rolled my eyes, greeting everyone before sitting down on alex's side.

"where's bailey?" i smiled at alex.

"i'll get her for you" he laughed, making his way towards her cage, behind the couch. "here" he put her on my lap and i aw'ed.

"she's so cute" i said in a cute tone, rubbing behind her ear. "and she's huge"

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