Chapter 32

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A week has gone by since I told Caroline she couldn't see Harry anymore, and surprisingly she hasn't been complaining that much.  She's just been going out a lot. 

I was on lunch break right now with the guys.  Although Harry didn't speak to me much anymore, I still talked to the other guys.  They're my best friends!

"So, how's Caroline?"  I looked up at Niall and shrugged.

"Good, I guess.  I'm surprised you're the one that asked."

He furrowed his eyebrows.  "Why?"

"I don't know, Harry has a thing for her.  Then again he's mad at me..."  I trailed off.

"Don't worry, you did what you thought was right.  Besides, he doesn't seem mad."  Niall pointed out.  We both looked over at Harry who was laughing with Louis and Josh.

"I guess not.  I'm surprised because Caroline doesn't seem upset either."  I told him, looking away from Harry.

"Wait, so both Harry and Caroline aren't mad at you even though you basically banned them from seeing each other?"  Niall questioned, a bit confused.

I nodded.  "Well...yeah."

"Dude, they're probably seeing each other behind your back!"  Niall chuckled.

I shook my head.  "Caroline wouldn't do that.  I'm not sure about Harry, but I know Caroline wouldn't."

Niall shrugged, not convinced.  "I don't know.  I mean, they seemed to really like each other, maybe even love.  You really think they wouldn't be upset?"

I scoffed.  "They don't love each other."  I said, but still thought about what Niall said.  Would they really go behind my back?  My own sister and someone who use to be my best mate?

"I don't know.  But if I were you, I'd check on them.  Like, come home from work early one day or something.  Ooh!  Or send a spy!"  Niall exclaimed, getting excited.

"I don't know, I don't want to seem over protective.  Or that I don't trust Caroline."

"Oh come on!  Harry leaves to somewhere else before coming home almost everyday, just let me follow him and see what he does!  I'll be like a secret agent!  Please!"  Niall begged.

I rolled my eyes.  "Niall, we can't spy on them!"

"You can't, but I can!  Don't you wanna find out why they're both so happy?  Reveal the truth?"  He persuaded.

I bit my lip, starting to become convinced.  " long as they don't catch you...fine."  I gave in.  Niall started cheering but I stopped him.  "Just on one day though, and I want you to call me and take pics if you can."  I directed.

"Really?"  He asked surprised.

I shrugged one shoulder.  "Hey, if we're already spying we might as well get as much info as we can."

"Great, I'll go tomorrow."  Niall smiled before walking away to begin practice again.

I shook my head, throwing my trash away.  I can't believe I was having Niall do this!  I mean, I trust Caroline, it's just Harry I don't trust.  What if they are seeing each other behind my back?  Or what if they catch Niall?  Millions of questions ran through my head about everything that could go wrong, and I just hoped none of them happened.


I walked over to the rest of the boys who had gathered for rehearsal again, keeping my distance from Harry.  I'm not the best with secrets, and I don't want him finding anything out because of me.  Jake would really kill me then.

I became really excited when Jake agreed to let me be his spy.   Yeah, it's a bit wrong, but it was for a good reason!  I know Jake doesn't trust Harry and wants the best for Caroline, and I had too agree with him.  Harry's always been a flirt and if he is seeing Caroline behind Jake's back, I don't want him to hurt her.  She's like the little sister I've always wanted.

Not only was I looking out for Caroline, but Harry as well.  He's been leaving the house right after work and then doesn't come back for hours at times.  This way I could find out what he was doing, even if it wasn't to see Caroline!  I just don't want him getting into any trouble.

I sighed, realizing I'm becoming Daddy Direction.  I need to leave that to Liam and stop worrying so much.  I smiled as I thought back to being a spy again.  Risky, exciting, daring, all of those things would describe me!  All I have to do now is just wait for tomorrow to come and hope that Harry would leave the house tomorrow.

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