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you were touring now for your sophomore album. you have been very exited to get out and explore the world while meeting your fans and doing what you love. you were now talking to your drummer, leo. he was a very nice and handsome man. he knew that you had some jitters all up in your bone, so he helped you. "you're going to be amazing, y/n. you always are. just knock them dead!" you smiled, "thanks leo. it means a lot." "i'm going to get you some water. hope that will help." when leo went to get you water, you saw your boyfriend, harry walk in the room. leo instantly saw him and waved, "hi harry! it's nice to see ya again!" harry gives him a fake smile and quickly turned his face towards me to roll his eyes. harry wasn't really fond of leo. i didn't know why cause leo was such a nice person. it was probably just harry's jealousy coming around again.

 it was probably just harry's jealousy coming around again

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