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"harry! how are you?!" a slim brunette woman walks up towards harry with wide arms ready to give him a hug.
"kendall! it's been a while!"
"it has! wow look at you! you keep becoming more cuter everyday!"
harry blushes, "thank you just been being more me."
kendall giggled and continued to talk harry which made you annoyed a bit because well not only that they used to date, but you could see that see she was flirting with him. it's clear like water. the way she touched his arm and laughed when he said a joke or she would touched his revealed chest and talk about how much he has worked out.
it made you gagged.
you couldn't stand to hear the conversation anymore, so you walked towards the small bar around the pool that they had. you guys were at one of harry's birthday parties and thank god they had a bar.
you asked for a martini and waited.
"tired of seeing your boyfriend talking to his ex?"
you turned to your side to see a man with a bright smile. "his ex is my girlfriend. i know exactly how you're feeling."
you laughed and you guys started talking having a fun time while you guys' partners were talking to each other.
harry was still having a boring conversation with kendall. he didn't want to be here all night talking with her. he rather be sitting beside you at the pool looking at the bright stars.
he realized that you were not by his side, so he turned his head to look for you. "and i wished i was there to see the new clothing launch-" kendall could see that harry was distracted. "are you okay?"
"yeah," his eyes were still looking to find you, "just looking-" and once he did a cloud of jealousy was covering him. he saw you laughing hard with some guy and he was holding your arm laughing as well. he was filled with rage. but the only words he could say was, "what. the. fuck."


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