Chapter 17

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I sat on the floor against the wall, my eyes closed as I listened to the music from the room Blaze was it. The soft melody from the piano was beautiful yet portrayed so many emotions. I had left Rosie sleeping in our bed. She was exhausted and probably sick from how horribly she was treated.

“You don’t have to sit out here,” a voice said from above me.

My eyes snapped open, tilting my head back to see Blaze leaning in the doorway with crossed arms and staring down at me. “I wasn’t sure if you would mind or not.”

“Of course not,” he replied, coming and sitting down next to me. “Not when it comes to you, Skye.”

I looked away. “You have to stop that, Blaze.”


“Acting like you truly care about me. As if I mean more than a friend to you,” I told him, looking up so my eyes pierced into his. “It can’t be, and it isn’t.”

“I know.”

“Then act like it.”


“We should go to bed. Where’s Rosie?” he asked me, standing up and offering his hand out to me.

I hesitantly grabbed his hand, enjoying the warmth and comfort it brought as his large hand wrapped around my smaller one. “She was asleep in our bedroom, but I had Zeth move her to a guest room. He came to check up on us a few minutes ago.”

Blaze nodded. We started walking towards the room in another silence, reflecting on the day and everything that happened.

“Why did Tylek call you Blake?” I asked, remembering the conversation they had.

Blaze’s eyes flickered with anger for a moment before he turned to look at me. “Why do you want to know?”

“Curiosity,” I responded. We walked into the bedroom, Blaze closing the door behind us.

He sat down on the bed leaning against the headboard, patting the spot next to him on the soft black comforter. I crawled onto the bed next to him, sitting cross-legged and facing him. “Well, part of it has to do with Dika.”

My eyebrow rose. “Does everything have to do with  your sister?”

“No,” he answered, sticking his tongue out like a child. “Now be quiet if you want to know.”

“I’m surprised you’re even willing to explain.”

Blaze shrugged, starting to get up. “I don’t have to.”

“No!” I lunged at him, wrapping my arms around his torso and holding him in place. “Please tell me,” I begged, giving him the puppy eyes and a small pout.

He chuckled, smiling down at me as he wrapped an arm around me. “I will.”

I grinned up at him before getting comfortable, making sure I was warm in the bed. Once I was satisfied with my position I gave him a nod. “Okay, go.”

“Well, you know the whole Dika thing of getting raped and murdered. You also know how close we were which is what caused this story. I would go around trying to track down the bastards that murdered my sister. My real name is Blake, as you probably figured out from Tylek calling me that. Everyone started calling me Blaze during this time because they said my eyes were a never-ending fire of anger and hate,” Blaze explained.

“But why did you get mad at him when he called you Blake?” I asked him, though I understood the history of the nickname.

“Being called Blake just reminds me of the guy I was that failed to save my sister. To me Blake is a failure, and Blaze is a strong, cold guy who can’t get hurt because he knows the pain that Blake went through,” he murmured, a faint whisper by the end of his last sentence.

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