Chapter 1

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After the war the Gods decided to grant them each a gift/wish. (Leo didn't die so Calypso is still on her island)
The seven entered the giant throne room, each lining up beside their partner, Leo stood at the end, next to Frank, his crazy hair was smeared with black. Zeus stepped forward and his booming voice was heard, "as a reward we, the Gods, have decided to grant you each a gift!" Athena stepped forward after him, her stern stare passed over the seven. "You May talk to each other about what you are going to be granted!" She said, Percy led the others into a tight circle, whispering, after they finished their little 'talk', they faced towards the Gods, Frank went first, "I wish that my life didn't depend on a stick," Ares stepped forward, his body flickering between his Roman and Greek form, it finally decided on being Roman and Mars' gaze seemed to penetrate them. He flicked his hand as his eyes glowed a vibrant white and orange mixed together, an orange Light surrounded his body. He flicked his hand and stepped back, changing back to his Greek form. Hazel checked her breast pocket and sure enough, the stick was gone, ashes only proof they something was there. He smiled slightly and nodded at Hazel who went next.
"I don't want my gems to be cursed," Zeus nodded towards Hades, who was already now in his Pluto form, he pushed his hand forward and which his hand started glowing a bright purple with black smoke entangled in it, he muttered some ancient words under his breath and Hazel felt something change in side her. "The ritual has been done, your curse is lifted but you still have the gem power within you." Pluto said, he went back to his throne. Jason stood up next to Hazel, "I want to be known as a Greek," Zeus closed his eyes and when he reopened them he nodded to Piper, "I want you, mum, to stop messing with people's love lives," At this Aphrodite awwed in annoyance and pouted but stood, doves circled Piper before disappearing in a puff of pink smoke, Piper coughed at the terrible smell of perfume, Annabeth went next. "I want a-a type of power," Zeus looked at Hecate who sighed,
"My dear, the future has foretold me that you will receive powers in the following but for now, you may pick another wish," Annabeth sighed solemnly.
"I want..." She looked at the seven, "I wish the for the seven to each have a dragon of their own, if you are capable of that... I'm not testing your magic or strength in any way M'lady!" Annabeth said hurriedly, flustered. Hecate stood and a box appeared in front of Annabeth, the lid floated off and inside was a neckalace with a dragon as the charm, "say the words 'Επιθυμώ να επισκεφθώ το βασίλειο του δράκου σας' it's, 'I Wish To Visit Thy Dragon Realm', though of course you knew, you have to say it Greek, but say those words will teleport you to the realm, the others will travel with you if you all hold hands, you have to wear the necklace for it to work, the first to wear it is the owner."

After the explanation, Percy stepped forward next, "I want for Hera and Athena to stop messing with me and Annabeth and let us date properly, without any hate, death threats or threats at all

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After the explanation, Percy stepped forward next, "I want for Hera and Athena to stop messing with me and Annabeth and let us date properly, without any hate, death threats or threats at all. Thanks." Zeus nodded and turned towards Hera and Athena. They sighed, "I swear on the River Styx to accept Percabeth and not cause any harm to them." They both said annoyed. Percy smiled and stepped back.

"Leo?" Hephaestus called.
"Hey dad, could you make it possible that Calypso is freed off her island and brought here? Thanks dad." With that he stepped back, hands twisting in nervousness. "Wait here son," Hephaestus said before leaving. He soon arrived with a certain red head. (It doesn't exactly look brown or blonde to me, more like an orange red colour)
Calypso looked around confused but when her eyes landed on the Gods and Leo she understood and ran into Leo's arms, crashing into them. "Hey sunshine," he whispered as they kissed. Aphrodite awwed And said something about Caleo.

They soon left after a bit of chatting and smiled happily.

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