Interviewing the amazing XxSkater2Girl16xX

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Writer's World Please welcome the beautiful, talented, inspiring, gifted, and sweet XxSkater2Girl16xX I have been very lucky to be able to ask her a series of questions and this is what happened... 

Question 1. I consider you be somewhat of an icon on Wattpad, your stories have millions of reads…as I write this you currently have 64,386 fans. Why do you think so many people have connected with your writing and what has your progression on Wattpad been like since joining until right now?

I'm not sure why people like my writing so much… maybe my style? I try to write simple, because I know when there's too many details, you lose focus and interest. And since Wattpad is mostly used by teens, I tend to keep my writing style to a teen's interest level… if that makes any sense. And my progression is surprising. It's only been about two years since I joined Wattpad, and APR is the most viewed story on Wattpad (crazy!)

 Question 2. A Proscriptive Relationship…from what I have read, it is very well done and has much love coming in from readers. How did this story come about and how long did it take you to write it?

Haha, it's most definitely not well done, but thank you for the compliment! It started with a favor for a dedicated fan, who really wanted a teacher/student relationship. But because I didn't like that idea by itself, I threw in action, to satisfy myself. I started the story back in 2009, and umm, I think I started posting it on Wattpad in 2010-11? And finished it in 2011. So three years? Wow… I still vote it is well done. Well that is a lot of work and it has certainly gained the recognition it deserves. 

 Question 3. You have a great ability from writing details in the opening page of A Proscriptive Relationship you captured everything beautifully…right down from the cashier packing the groceries to the weather. How important are details when writing a story?

Aww, thank you! As I stated before, some details makes the story really good, but too much makes it boring. I try to write in the details of what I'd want to know if I was reading someone else's story. Where it takes place, what year is it (I like to remind myself what day it is, too), what the weather's like. Sometimes what the character is wearing… stuff like that. Or details that are important, like (spoiler if you're in the middle of reading APR, so stop reading) when Chris sees Holly in the beginning, he's always a bit surprised because she looks so much like the other Holly. 

Question 4. What are key points to writing good dialogue?

Read it out loud to make sure it makes sense. And don't have your character using five-syllable words if she or he isn't a genius. Make sure the way your characters speak reflect their personalities. Have your characters interrupt each other's sentences, have them say things simultaneously. You know, what would actually happen in real life. Dialogue can be hard. Brilliant advice. 

Question 5. Someone joins Wattpad right now and they are about to begin their first ever story. What advice do you give them? 

Don't be discourage by the amount of reads other stories have. It's quality, not quantity. Just keep writing, and in time, your story will receive the attention it deserves. 

Question 6. What do you look for when searching for stories to read? Is there a certain theme, covers, titles, or summary that you search for?

Um, well I don't really read anything online. But in bookstores, I just browse, and if something has a catchy title, I'll check it out. I'm an incredibly picky reader, so it's difficult to find something I really like. I'm currently in the middle of reading The Hobbit. I do prefer mystery, though.

Question 7. What is your writing process – from starting a story to finishing a story…what are the steps you implement? Do you have to be in a certain environment?

 Um, generally I try to plan out the ending before any other part, so I know what I have to progress to. When I start out with the beginning, I end up not being able to finish it (like Gold Rush, but I'm still going to finish that one day). Then there's a lot of spur of the moment ideas and plot twists, which are really lucky. And I like to plan out one or two big events, and the climax. For the environment, I have to be by myself to write.

Question 8. A writer may have a brilliant story; yet no reads…do you have any advice on how they can achieve more recognition?

 Whatever you do, don't post on other writer's message boards saying "can you read my story?" because that's not what the boards are there for. Try posting in the clubs, where you're meant to post your story. Get your friends and family to read your stories. Keep reading other people's stories and post comments encouraging them, and maybe they'll check out your stories back. There is no sure fire way of gaining views. You just have to have patience and hope. 

Question 9. How important is it for one to market their works and do you have any advice for marketing a story? 

If you mean market by selling, I don't. I'm confused when it comes to all that. If you mean advertising, refer to the question above. 

Question 10. Where do you see yourself in twelve months from now…do you have any goals you wish to achieve in regards to writing?

Um, I want to be published, but I doubt that'll ever happen. Publishers publish a lot of crap, but I highly doubt anyone would want to hook me up, haha. My writing is pretty immature… I'm trying to become better. It's hard though. I'm so used to my regular style. I can see it happening! Your style is incredible. 

Question 11. What are your biggest influences with writing?  

Um, probably just my fans. I wouldn't write if I didn't have anyone to write for… no, that' s a lie. I would still write, I just wouldn't have as much motivation. I love feedback and I read all of it, even though I get too many comments to be able to respond to. Also, I'd like to have a fairly popular novel published one day (but who wouldn't?) 

Question 12. Challenge Question – Create an original character that you have not used in 150-200 words.   

Tommy’s recluse. Living with his brother, he stays in the basement all day and all night, too afraid to leave the house, with only his cat Pinnochio for company. His skin is pale from lack of his sunlight, but his eyes are still a piercing blue.

Bonus Question: If you could ask any Wattpad user one question what would it be?

I'd ask Wattpad themselves where Nina went. She was great ): Alright Wattpad, we want answers...where is Nina? 

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